Beeoptions doesn't pay out the profit


I opened an account with L1000. Converted it to £8000. Ask for a withdrawal of 2500. They said they are working on regulations and they cannot issue all of it. They can do in stages 1000 a week. After 3 week s I received 2000.
I placed second withdrawal on 17.12.2013 for 3k. After waiting 2 weeks not seeing anything being proccesed and hearing from them there's a delay I decided to withdraw everything over 6k alltogether profit.

At the beginning of new year they told me that someone log into my account from Nigeria and they need to investigate it. It takes about 19 days. My account was blocked because of security raesons

A week later they send me an email
" Your account has recently come under suspicion for violation of the Terms and Conditions governing the operation and usage of Beeoptions.
In accordance with Articles 10. Discontinuing Services, 17. Term and Termination, 19. Outside Execution System and 21. Cancel Feature Abuse, an investigation has commenced into your usage of the site during which your account will be temporarily suspended.
The maximum allotted time for the suspension is 90 days, at which point your outstanding deposit value will be returned to you if you were deemed to have violated any Terms and Conditions of the site."

After about a week I phoned them they said there were going to close my account with the profit.

I send them an email about a month ago. Also send an email few days ago and I haven't heard back from them

The manger was supposed to update me. He never did. I needed to phone many times to get in touch with him

They said to me that I was using few ip addreses which was suspicious. I did used about 4 because I was on holiday but I've never been to Nigeria. I asked them to send me ip address so I can tell them which one I used so the issue would be resolved but they haven't.

My account manager assured me that the company pay me out every penny but it looks like they failed

It looks to me they behaviour was suspicious. Delayed first withdrawal and not full (2k instead of 2500). Second one proccessed for about 3 weeks and on (never has been transfered on my bank account). Once I decided to withdraw everything L6000 they blocked my account


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First, keep away from binary options. Let other people go out and lose a pile of cash looking for a binary broker that really pays profits.

Second, send them an invitation to join this discussion thread.
I'm very good at binary but what I've notice is once I make good profit the binary trading platfroms make it a bit difficult to carry on making constant profit
I've just had a call from a person from Beeoption. I think his name was Greg. He phoned right after I send again an invitation. It looks that they might not had recevied and invitation from me before. I'm suprised. It looks they send to me an email but somehow I didn't get it. There could be some problems with emailing each other. Anyway it was very nice conversation. Will see how it goes. This case should be sorted out by 24 of April.
I don't know but in the first email when they blocked my account they said the investigation would take 90 days.

I spoke with employee from regulated brooker and he said to me this is an excuse not to pay out the profit

I think if you provide the company with all the documents and if you are on holiday it shouldn't be any problems with ip addresses. I didn't see in terms and condition that you have to use only 2 ip addresses otherwise is suspicious. What's you opinion Pharaoh?
Locking an account for using "suspicious" IP addresses, at least until the client verified the odd IPs were legitimate, would be reasonable.

Doing a 90 day investigation if you've confirmed you made the trades looks unreasonable to me.

How many brokers prohibit clients with dynamic IP addresses?
I don't think there are any. But for me it looks like if someone is successful and if they don't want to pay out the profit they just look for excuses like different ip addresses