BFM Markets aka Optimarkets SCAM


[langtitle=de]BFM Markets aka Optimarkets SCAM[/langtitle]

BFM Markets is a big SCAM!! Why ? Please Read here...
The Deposit with Bankwire is going over Slovakia to the Russian Sberbank(200 €). I become a Bonus 400€) After this i make good Profits with my favorites Touch Options. From 08.01.15 to 31.01.15 ca. 5000€. I make a withdrawal with 1222 €. This is in the Status of one week in unpaid. After that i can not Login in my account. I wont reset my password. My Account is now unavailable. For my second Account by this company over my Wife i have the same Problem. I think, this Company is from the russian Mafia. Livechat never work. No Telefonnumbers i can find to call.
The Touch Options i trade, BFM Markets give me after 2 Weeks and many good Trades, higher Rates as original. Original Rate 1,14530 my Rate 1,14570 for Touch Option with Hit high. SCAM.SCAM.SCAM. The original same Problem give it befor with Optimakets.


Lt. Colonel
Here is details how to invite them.............

1st - Invite them via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to there website and invite them to here via Live Chat.

Best Of Luck