BFS Forex - total scam - no reaction on withdrawal requests and fake support


This brokerage is really a bad joke.

I have 1100 usd with them. This amount I was trying to withdraw several times since 14. of February. The first withdraw request, they canceled it with "your balance is not enough" note. It was strange becasuse I was withdrawing exact balance amount. I tried then to submit lower amount, was waiting for almost a month and status was still pending. They just didnt react on it. I tried to cancel it and made another withdrawal request with only $1050. Again I was waiting 3 weeks, request still pending. I canceled it and made new request for $1100. It was 20 days ago and withdrawal still pending. I tried contact them for several times and they are just not responding on email and even live chat, which is also really great topic....

On their chat, mostly there is a fake rep. named Laura. She is just unbeliavable in the worst word meaning. Everytime I write something, she does 2 things - close the session or transfer me to another rep., who then close the chat. I tried from different IPs with different names so I am sure they are same with all clients. Only one time I was able to chat with their rep. who seemed alive, but I was kicked from the session from no reason after a while and then immediately their chat was offline.

Their phones are not working. Their email - I tried even to send them email that I am professional forex IB and would like to cooperate with them. No response. Seems like they dont believe that anyone could have interest in promoting their crappy and scammy brokerage lol.

Does anyone have experiences with these jokers?


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