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Problem BigOption SCAM?

I am having an issue with a company


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I made 2 withdrawals for my mom's hospital bill on last Monday 27 July 2015. My Expert Trader (Kevin White) from BigOption told me that he did some reserved trades with investment bank last week which could not be cancelled. It sounds like auto trade for 2 weeks long term. He said he reserved trades for Canadian and Oil. I negotiated him to withdraw $5,000 and it was success but I need to cancel another withdraw in order to cancel reserved trades he made. I think it is a big liar. After I cancelled my withdraw, kevin did some trades immediately on USDJPY and OIL and all trades got LOSS result for $17,500 in total just in an hour.(http://puu.sh/jeyMn/54657ac252.png) I changed my password and terminated expert trade contract immediately. I still have some money left in my account but only the bonus which I can't withdraw. The only way is to win trade until it exceeds the bonus level.

I asked Support BigOption many questions but no respond. I got only email said that my case was escalated to that department or that manager and it's gone. Please see below questions I submitted to BigOption.

Please answer these questions I have got advise from Mr. Kevin White


1. Can Expert trader reserve some trades in advance with investment bank for trader?

2. Do I need to cancel my withdraw request for cancellation reserved trades made by Expert trader?

3. Will Expert trader lose their license if their client loss money by his trade?

4. It is not allowed for client to see Expert trader's license or any identification document.

5. Expert trader gain 15% commission of client's profit on trade binary option and they will get it when client withdraw money.

6. Can Expert trader convince client to over investment and over trade?

I also asked them about Platinum account privilege.

BigOption’s Platinum Account is for exclusive customers who perform high trade volume (What's the maximum) and require personalised trading advice. Along with all the benefits that you are entitled to, you will also benefit from a tailor-made account, suitable for your ever-changing needs, as in:

Exclusive Daily Market Review Email (Never got it)
Advanced Guide to Trading (Got 1 training session for short term trade from Lucy Heston)
20 Risk-Free Trades* (***please explain more***)
Up to 100% Investment Bonus
Personal Account Manager (Amy Bright but do nothing)
Platinum Trading Signals up to 2 months (worth $599) (Never got it)
Additional bonuses on every deposit (please explain more)
Daily One-on-One session with our trading expert (Kevin White has been terminated from my trading expert)
Advanced Auto Trading Robot (Never got it)

It might be lucky that I just installed CallX mobile application which I have all sound records between Kenvin and me.

You can find all record sound from this link:

You can find all email exchange from this link:

I don't know whether who can explain how the credit card dispute process works.
What can I do now? Please advise.

BigOption address:
BIGMARKETUM Ltd. The Apex, 2 Sheriffs Orchard, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 3PP, United Kingdom.

On the other thread posted a different address

Name & Registered Office:
NW11 7TL
Company No. 09223581
Three steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).



2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat.

3rd- Go to their Social media pages and share you story as a comment on latest post.

Social Media Pages are.............






PS: We want your votes at open cases, check this section FPA Open Cases and votes for Guilty or NOT Guilty
If the money was conveniently "lost" by the account mis-manager, a chargeback will be harder. Still, some credit card issuing banks are more supportive than others. Contact the bank. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Explain EXACTLY what happened and ask if a chargeback is possible or not.
I had contacted Support@bigoption.com and they said "The reserved trade was that a trade has been reserved for you and your expert trader was advising you not to withdraw as the trade was believed to be profitable."

But my expert trader sent me the last email said

"Why are you asking customer support all of these questions?
They don't know how to answer your questions.
They are customer support agents, not brokers.
They do not know what a reserved trade is…"
But my expert trader sent me the last email said

"Why are you asking customer support all of these questions?
They don't know how to answer your questions.
They are customer support agents, not brokers.
They do not know what a reserved trade is…"

As your "expert" trader to provide you with full details on exactly what a "reserved trade" is.
I notice that when someone does not go with the claims made here and tries to give some balance their posts are not shown, great freedom of speach...
I notice that when someone does not go with the claims made here and tries to give some balance their posts are not shown, great freedom of speach...

Posts sometimes end up in the moderation queue. Anything that's not spam gets approved within 1-2 business days. There are many examples of people defending companies when complaints come in.

It's ironic that you decided to make this complaint. There's a brand new spam post from you in the mod queue right now. You were trying to spam for no-deposit binary bonuses in an EA discussion thread. This just resulted in Spam Cat eating you.
Hello KrishnaS,

I created an account with BigOption and also got contacted by Kevin White as being my "expert trader".

He kept urging me on depositing more to get the most out of the "bonus".

Then I stumbled upon your message placed on the forum and other forums with bad experiences also with Kevin White at BigOption.
After reading the messages (I fortunately had not traded yet with my account) I made the descision to withdraw the money I deposited.
I send an email, because I did not want any contact by telephone anymore, because of the aggressive nature and not respecting my descisions.

The next week and a half he kept on calling me every day. I thought I was clear in my email that I wanted to withdraw the money I deposited (I also filed a withdraw through the website). After a few days he calls me 6 times a day, 1 time every hour, for more than a week.

After that I got an email from the Finance Department, they said they need to verify me. I replied that the Finance Department may call me to verify my account and that I did not want any contact with Kevin White anymore and do not want him to be the expert trader of my account.

An hour later I got an email that the withdrawal action was verified and I got the money back I deposited.