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Problem Business Choice Partners Group, bcpgltd, www.bcpmarkets.com is a SCAM!

I am having an issue with a company
Lead Deer Company limited is sharing the same IP as Aga Trades, Business Choice Partners and East-Century trading. Four sites by the same scammers.


Hi all,
This is mi fraud story
I've been chatting from December 2020 with a girl who pretend to be Li Yanran (Ella for friends +852 6859 1604 ) from Hong Kong. After two weeks chatting she suggest me to invest in trading, with risk free because her uncle is a very good analyst, showing me her profits I have been convinced.
She instruct me how to buy Usdt on Huobi and transfer on my broker account BTCUSDT Investment Limited.
Firstly I start to invest 5000 euro with high earning in few days. She push me to deposit more money for trade in the big market, otherwise I couldn't trade again. So I deposited 3000 euro more on 2021/01/15. on 2021/01/21 i started to have doubt and searching in internet.
Therefore I asked to the broker to withdraw my founds, obviously they told me to pay 15% of fees for withdraw. I didn't pay to avoid to lose more money.

I reported the scam to all commission they mention on their website. Even if I can't get money back I want to prevent others fall in the same fraud with this criminals


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Same pattern & modus operandi...pretty girl contact guy online...sweet chat and promises of heavenly bliss when they do meet... steer topic to online "investments" with further promises of huge profits...bla-bla-bla...sweet chats & promises got guy go gaga over supposedly sweet pretty girl and dived head-on into the water well without a second thought only to discovered the well is dry.

Based on just the cases posted here at the FPA, that strategy seems to be working very well and has to be racking in hundreds of millions worldwide.
Most of these scam site has the same address:

Unit G25 Waterfront Studios, 1 Dock Road, London, United Kingdom, E16 1AH

The person Bin Li is the director from the address. Not sure if that's a real person.

I keep seeing the same pattern with these guys, newly registered business within the last few months, using the same website templates with different names but always the same address.
Fake names, Fake pictures and Fake IDs.
We need to share as much information we have to assist the law enforcement agencies in different countries to make life very difficult for this criminals so they can go after these scumbags and put them in cages behind the bars like wild animals that they are. Please visit www.leaddeerltd.info and share this web site.
Let's all share information with various law enforcement agencies around the globe and expose these scumbags.
If you do not have the resources to contact the various government agencies, please visit: WWW.LEADDEERLTD.INFO and forward your information anonymously and we will forward to more than 3400 government agencies around the globe.
Let's put these criminals behind the bars in the small cages where they belong.