Ponzi Scheme Can anyone tell me about My MTI Club? (mirrortradinginternational.com/mymticlub.com)

Guaranteed profits become guaranteed losses.
Problem is your money is on their platform not myfxchoice and the statements not accurate sounds weird to me why cant they give verified results from the broker simple way to solve this add the account to myfxbooks. Until this happens i see it as a scam.

Until they show verified accounts, you can't even be sure how much (if any) money was placed in the trading accounts. It's very common for Ponzi schemes to maintain one or two live (and dozens of demo) accounts that represent only a fraction of the money invested.

MTI is currently being audited by the SA government and an independent international auditing firm, to comply with new crypto regulations which are in the pipe line for South Africa. Keep an eye on the back office as the reports will be published in there once completed.

Did the government announce this, or is it just a claim by Mirror Traders International? How long until it's posted? MFX Broker was a major forex broker that offered investment plans ranging from 3-6% per month. They promised an audit for over a year. Then they stopped paying and disappeared, with all the client money.
I can show you a mail that FX Choice is also the broker of MTI.
Dear Ludoamy,

It has been brought to our attention that FXChoice has been mentioned in this post, so we are replying in kind because some of the information contained within may be misleading to other readers of this post.

As we are bound by the Client Agreement, we cannot give out personal information regarding our clients. However, we can disclose the statements you have posted here entirely contain trades which were NOT executed at FXChoice. We have checked all of our servers and none match those you have posted. The server time also appears to be different from ours, so maybe MTI utilises another broker. The smallest lot size is 0.01 lots with us, whereas your trades contain lot sizes down to 5 decimal places -- this statement cannot come from MetaTrader 4.

We hope this has been helpful.
As per my study, the account of My MTI Club is at quite downside and there are various rumors about it that makes it not to be trusted so easily. I think you should wait for some time and notice if My MTI Club is coming up with any profit that could make it worth the shot.
I did my research the broker is called fxchoice. I withdrew 100$ so what’s to say it wouldn’t work for More. So far with the people I know that are in it including myself haven’t had any problems and statements are given out every day
There are numerous questions in context to My MTI Club and its working order. There were times the company was quite efficient to reach out, but considering these days, it is getting quite down. It could be because of the trust issues.
There are numerous questions in context to My MTI Club and its working order. There were times the company was quite efficient to reach out, but considering these days, it is getting quite down. It could be because of the trust issues.

Any real investment company knows that experienced investors will want details. They also know that not being transparent will make those investors leave.

A common warning sign of a scam investment is when they deflect or don't even try to answer uncomfortable questions.

I'd like to ask every person who's invested in MTI/Mirror Trading International to invite them to come and join this thread. Then they can publicly address questions and show the world if they are real or not. If they are real, this is a golden opportunity to regain the confidence of investors and potential investors, so there's no rational reason for them to decline.

I have a strong suspicion that they won't show up.
Agreed Pharoah after the post from FXchoice , it raised so much questions and believers are now asking the right questions to MTI the thread is very quiet now from the members. Time will tell if they reply.
Running off with the cash isn't as easy during a viral event. It's a little hard to quickly jump from country to country if you get thrown into quarantine every time you get to a new place. If this turns out to be a Ponzi (and it looks more and more likely as their silence stretches out), this is a really bad time to have the scheme exposed. ;)
People, all the people who are screaming SCAM are the ones who want to sell you an other buisness.
I am in MTI for half a year with serious money. And it is working fine every day. I can provide you all screenshots of eveidence, also of withdrawal.

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Hi everyone , looking at this platform you pay BTC into their platform and their bot trades for you making around 8-10% a month my problem with the system is that your money is not under your account at the broker they give statements but no verified myfxbooks or proof that they are actually using a real broker. Does anyone have more info on this if it is legit or not?

He Zercon,

Then this is maybe more for you..: a company where your money is on your own European bank account, secured up to €100,000.-
Take a look at their portfolio's. They build 4,5 year on the company and are going live in a few weeks. These guys are the ones who trade the hedgefunds.


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