cornering the market, by zero...

mark was my direct supervisor at the company of APPLIED SURFACE TECHNOLOGY.

he was very professional at the office at all times.

i mentioned to mark, at the office, that i was looking for something complicated to work on.

oh, said mark, with almost no enthusiasm he replied.

my chosen project ended up being this number crunching project called forex.

ten years ago, approximately, mark proposed to me a partnership in that i would handle all programming issues and he would handle the front office and that we would split all profits. mark also agreed, as a required prerequisite, that he would never show my work to another person for any reason.

to make a long story short, when my programming work wrapped up and it was time for mark jackson to do mark jackson's job, mark jackson absonded with my software and that was the last time that i have seen him.

i saw mark's trading account that ran my software, one year later, it very steadily turned eight hundred dollars into ten thousand dollars.

and now i take thrashings in the forum from some person calling itself mark jackson?

how amusing.

i am so absolutely exhausted after ten years of nonstop work.

and my work may still have flaws.

trades are in progress.


In all seriousness, what if...

1 - You really are on to something here?

2 - You're only missing some key point?

3 - Others could help if you explained what you're doing?

4 - If others took the same trades as you it couldn't hurt your results?

Strangely enough, although I mock, it is your attitude I mock not your work nor your methods.

I have not yet made any money in Forex; I too may work for 10 years before I see results; I too will not quit.

I am trying desperately to stick to my own method development; but if you spill your guts and explain to us all what your rationale and algorithms are, we will all try to figure out what's not working and at this stage, that's likely to help you more than any further experiments.

What do you think?
For the last time..... My name IS Mark Jackson but I am NOT the Mark Jackson you keep moaning on and on and on about and if you had even bothered to ask before attacking you possibly would not have made yet another person p1ssed at you!!!

How do you even know it was "the" Mark Jacksons account you saw ten years ago. It could have been one of my old accounts or one of the hundreds, possibly thousands of Mark Jacksons that exist. It's a pretty common name you know.

I don't see how ANYBODY could possibly have "absonded" with your code if you truly created it? It baffles me that any programmer would even suggest that he was unable to reproduce something that he did originally. That would be an embarrassment to any competent programmer yet you continue to announce it to the world. Unless you got a knock on the head and lost all memory of the time you developed this mysterious piece of software. Hell backups could crash and my servers all burn and I can't think of a single thing I couldn't recreate if I had to.

Like Uncle Steve I'd be happy to help as well if you'd just cut out the charades antagonism and general unbelievable BS.

In the meantime I'm just going to keep taking the p1ss because as you pointed out I can do whatever I want!! This is after all where I've decided to keep my Trolling Journal.


the children enjoy playing childish games.

i, on the other hand, enjoy focusing on success.

i hunt for arbitrage, with a criminal vengeance.

happy trading,


my initial research for this forex project is a critical component for achieving a successful result for the project as a whole.

without my work is very stable, the remainder of this project has not an icecube's chance in hell.

if my work is very strong, then my team will not only process simple retail currency transactions, but they will instead conduct raw cash transactions from our own bank and out onto the open international banking network.

my team will have the knowledge with which will allow them to literally alter the ratios at which currencies are exchanged between opposing economies.

my board of directors will respond to my needs both for the operation of my trading company and my biology and biotech related projects. it will be the initial mission of my biotech company that we will produce a single type of flesh that is both consumable and transplantable. i would enjoy experimenting with heart tissue (yes, the kind that beats), for the design and manufacturing of custom biological components and peripherals.

happy trading,

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when i first approached this project, i was entirely prepared to do what ever should be required to achieve pure success and that i would do no thing less.

from day one, i was prepared to spend twenty years looking for unicorns.

i meant to find the grail and so i went hunting.

the childish minds insist on asking for my expected completion date.

when will you be finished, they ask me.

i dont know, i tell them.

and they get upset and cancel my forum account.

or if i have a loss or make some other such trading mistake.

childish minds are afraid of making mistakes.

i dont mind making mistakes, that just gets me one step closer to the grail.

i am a hunter for a grail.

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trades are in progress.

please use maximum radio silence for script kiddies while trades are in progress.

no talking while trades are in progress.

put a sock in it when the trades are open.

this is a hospital zone, so can it already.

babies cant shut their mouths.



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