Deutsche Trading Scam


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Hello FPA members

Long time not scammed. So here's the story. I opened an account with Deutsche Trading, an unregulated broker on 04/05/2014. Things were good, support was responsive and trading was fine. I funded over the time with the amount of 7K. Account stands profitable with a profit of 1383$. I applied for a withdrawal request around 2 weeks ago. Account not debited, listed contact details not responsive, the usual. I contacted them with some emails and via skype with no response. And here I am filing a case on the FPA and warning other traders against this so called broker.

P.S: I know it's risky to trade with a non regulated broker, but here's the thing. Most of traders can confirm they are facing problems even with regulated brokers, and when they threaten them they will post their reviews on the FPA and online forums, things get magically resolved so please let's spare the lecture regarding regulation as there are many unregulated brokers with an outstanding performance and I'm aware that my funds are gone but I believe it's my duty to file this case to warn other traders not to deal with with Deutsche Trading.


how you deposited money ?

IF you deposited via CC than talk with your bank and ask them regarding charge back.
I deposited via skrill and webmoney. I filed a claim to webmoney which resulted in locking their wm purse but not returning my funds.
Skrill doesn't want anything to do with it since deposits were 2 months old. Webmoney took action based not only on mine but on other complaint also, they locked their webmoney account. As for the case, it's been already filed and still unassigned. The whole point is to warn other traders against them.
PROOF that enough complaints can lead to actions from a payment processor. :D

Go ahead and invite Deutche-Trading to this thread. If they don't show soon, your Traders Court case will go public.
i had the same issue with those so called Deutsche, i funded my account with 375$ made a 800$ winning asked for a withdraw, but still no answer, do you think that i should file a case as well?