Die hard trader, new market


Back in 96 os so Started out with "How to Make Money in Stocks" by William Oniel . Got interested in technical analysis. Read most all the classic trading books and then some. Learned the options markets. Daytraded stocks (unsuccessfully) for 2-3 years. Got hired for a short time by "trading markets.com".
Finally my Mom asked me to stop trading my account which was comprised of borrowed funds. I did.
5-6 years later, I have $1000 in capitol I can risk.
Decided to trade the Forex.
My account is half that now after a few trades based on price action.
To pull my account above $1000 and beyond, what is the most risk aversive method to do so: trading news or trading an automated system?

D builder

this is what u shud do

i want u to calm down and then take a while from trading and do not be too eager to make so much money at the moment,now i do not know where ur money is rite now but see what i will advise u to do is trade only the news now and leave all technicals out cos for technical it is advisabl to use 1% of ur money for a position so if u do not have good money for that i will not advise u to do thatso instead go for only sure news with very good strategies that will not get u on the other side and use good money management principles too ok,so do have a wonderful day and if u do have any question let me know ...