found a new way to grab money from traders


Global Clearing Group = = Forex-Swiss = FXCH = Foreign Exchange Clearing House = FECH.

Forex Peace Army lists Global Clearing Group as a separate broker with a rating of 2 stars.

Their server IP addresses match. The Real server IP address is and the Demo server IP address is


can the spread be widened ONLY on the BID side ?

a friend (and yes, its a friend) is working with CMS england and got into trouble, so we put him into an even hedge, both long and short to STOP the margin movement until things could be worked out.

during news last week, CMS RAISED the SELL PRICE by 21 pips for one second without altering the BUY, which margined him out of 9000.00 because they broke the hedge advantage.

i cant remember ever seeing this before in many years of forex, and while they have offered 2500 one time refund, i want to speak to the NFA to determine just how legal that activity is.

While it may actually be legal, ethics certainly dont enter into the equation because they obviously were hunting the hedges.

appreciate any wisdom on this subject

enjoy and trade well


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