- SCAM broker (don't remove my profit)


Мне пришла рекламная ссылка от
Человек из скайпа ib_galleass сказал что это новый брокер и предложил торговать у них, проверить условия их работы. Я открыл счет и начал торговать. Торговал вручную. Заработал 3000$ вполне законно. Заказал вывод средств и получил отказ с комментарием нарушение соглашения. Написал в поддержку до сих пор не могу получить ответ что именно я нарушил. На счете не могу торговать сделки не открываются и не закрываются (off quotes). То есть брокер не дает заработать и вывести заработанные деньги.

To me the advertizing link from came.
The person from ib_galleass Skype told that it is the new broker and suggested to trade at them, to check conditions of their work. I opened the account and started trading. I traded manually. I earned $3000 quite lawfully. I ordered a conclusion of means and I was refused with the comment agreement violation. I wrote to support still I can't receive the answer what exactly broke. On the account I can't trade transactions don't open and (off quotes) aren't closed. That is the broker doesn't allow to earn and remove the earned money.
The broker should be able to explain themselves. Since they aren't doing this, check their terms of service against your trades.

1. Do they have any limits on scalping? If so, what was the shortest and the average time that you held trades?
2. Do they have rules against news trading? If so, did you trade around news events?
3. Did they give you a bonus? If so, check those terms carefully. Most bonuses come with strings attached.
Уважаемый Сергей совершил часть торговых сделок используя котировки вне рынка. Поэтому прибыль с таких операций была аннулирована. Оставшиеся средства были выведены полностью по запросу Сергея.

Part of Sergey's commercial transactions were made using quotes out of the market. So profit from such operations has been canceled. The remaining funds were withdrawn completely on Sergey's demand.
I've always sort of wondered about things like this.

Brokers go to great lengths to explain that their prices ARE the market. Yet, a broker will turn around and claim that prices were out of the market.

How long was it between these trades being closed and the cancellation of the traders?

If the entry and exit points had been inside the market, how big of a difference would that make in the final profit/loss?
It was a short period technical issue on our side, when our quotes stream had time lag. Mr. Sergey used this situation to apply arbitrage strategy. Which is prohibited according with paragraph 1.13 of our Terms and Conditions agreement.
Is there any possibility that this was normal trading performed with bad timing?

If the entry and exit points had been inside the market, how big of a difference would that make in the final profit/loss?

I'd hate to think that if I innocently entered a trade while Galeass was having an issue that let me get in 1 pip early that a 100 pip profit could be erased based on an accusation of arbitrage instead of a 1 pip adjustment being made to correct the price.
Mr. Sergey clearly knew what he was doing. There are many facts can prove it.
For example, such fact that 99% of his profit was made at this short period of time.
Although he traded for a month prior to the happening. And not only that.
If the entry and exit points had been inside the market, how big of a difference would that make in the final profit/loss?

This is the 3rd time I'm asking this question. If it's ignored again, I'll have to assume that there is a reason why the representative from Galleass doesn't want to answer it.
This question is ignored not because it is uncomfortable for us. It is ignored because it is obvious.
If you are clear about what are arbitrage strategies, you would not ask such the question.
Of course if the entry and exit points had been inside the market final profit would be 1-2 pips (about 15-40 pips difference) upon condition trader guessed the direction.
By the way, using such strategy gives trader 99% chance to guess the direction.
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If it's so obvious, why not post that information?

If he's making 1-2 pips per trade and would have broken even or lost at what you claim are real prices, put it on display.

If you are claiming that he was 15-40 pips "out of market", then there's a serious issue with the price feed at Galleass and I could see why you wouldn't want to reveal this information.