- SCAM broker (don't remove my profit)

Any info from Galleass? Why no support since a week? Anyone experienced withdrawal issues as well?
You are asking in a thread that's been dormant for more than a year.

It's pretty obvious that Galleass doesn't want to answer direct questions. Most likely, their trader gave up on recovering his money.
i have the same issue. There was a live chat personell available 20th June when i asked about the withdrawal fees, but then no one answers. I initiated a withdrawal twice since 20th June. I got the message the same day that it was took into processing by administrator, that's all. Then the servers went off. I don't know what is the problem with Galleass but i hope it is just temporary. By the way, the tel number they displays on the website is not available. I found some info here: WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info - DomainTools - Galleass - whois

You may try the phone numbers you find using the links. I have sent them message on facebook. Or you can try Eduard Kovalets e-mail address:

He may have some info about the error.

Last resort: Financial Services Complaints Limited | Home

They are registered with that company in theory. It might help solve the issue. Please keep me updated if you find out anything.

Initiated a withdraw 2 month ago, haven't got my money yet and my galleas account balance is 0. Support also does NOT answer at any chanel. Tried via support ticket, chat, phone. Phone number doesn't even exist, which they display on their website. Any idea for further steps?
If either of you really want to pursue a claim against Galleass, open your own thread.
Thank you for your email.

Galleass Capital NZ Limited has been terminated from our scheme and is no longer registered on the New Zealand Financial Service Providers Register. If you want to continue with your complaint, I suggest you contact the Financial Markets Authority who is the regulator of conduct in relation to financial products and services in New Zealand. The Financial Markets Authority can be contacted by completing an online complaints form at Make a Report or Complaint | Financial Markets Authority or by telephone on +64 3 962 2698 for international callers.

Alternatively, you may like to contact Galleass directly. Eduard Kovalets of Galleass can be contacted at or +7 921 789 2471.
Hopefully, some of the people complaining can make use of this information.

I think NZ is going to need to ask brokers to post bonds. Too many hide behind NZ regulation and then run away when a problem arises.