Giambrone "Forex Litigation" is just another SCAM.


Hey Pertti-I have been a valued member of FPA for a year and a half now, and I have received valuable help from many of our top guns and I have also helped many members in that period.
Please don't write off some of the comments here by our hurting members as not being valid or truthful.
Have you met Giambrone ?- He's loud, brash and tending to over exagerate.
Really!!!-everything you don't want in a Lawyer. I personally know many of our members who have been ripped off by him. I too signed up for the class action and it morphed into a giant money making machine Perti. People like Rebecca who has done wonders for our members would have to agree, this has spiralled out of control. The free class action has become any thing but. Perhaps the wording from BrianOshea labeling Giambrone a complete scam is not 100% accurate but that's what it feels like. Once they got clients names and money up front, their service became appalling and costly. What do you expect our members to say.
Pharaoh is correct in saying that Giambrone has now got private investors backing the action, so perhaps in the future he will force some sort of huge win and I hope he does, but in the mean time- I and many of our members are really hurting and they need nurturing not negative comments. Hey plz don't take this as a personal attack on you. In hindsight everything always comes clearer. But if this thread has offended some of our newer members and I know it has, then I am sorry for them and I apologize. We do our best but at times it becomes OVERWHELMING-Take care -Tolly:):):):):) we try!
Hey I'm also a Corporal- for those wondering-I was done by OFM and BinaryBook -score at the moment- one all- but I reckon i'll give OFM a run for the money directly-stay tuned Ta


Believe me I know more about BdB than 99,9% of the others. I am one of those very few persons who got a big amount back from this scam of all times. Read my posts. Some israelian people helped me and I will always be grateful for them.

I just dont believe your story about 2500 upfront fees and after that getting no contact with Giambrone. I know for sure BdB has all the reasons to be afraid of this trial.

How did you do it please?


How did you do it please?
Hi algrace- I managed to get my money back from BinaryBook by following the advice found on FPA and good timing. I have mentioned before that I signed up with OFM and BinaryBook at about the same time. It sounded logical to me that Robots could outsmart the stockmarket (STUPID in hindsite)-
I screenshotted all the trading, emails and evidence I needed to present my case clearly to the banks to try for chargeback- At this time I had no idea what chargeback was - but I followed Pharaoh's guidance exactly because I had nothing else. I really thought my money was gone. Even some threads said I had no hope with BinaryBook.
At this stage OFM scammed me badly. I realised(slow learner) that I had been had. The so called broker from BinaryBook was trying the same trick-trying to get me to invest more. So they could scam me for more. I kept making excuses and dragging it out more and more, this eventually was my way out.

BinaryBook made three fatal mistakes-

Their so called Broker was trading for me-he had access to my password-
He gave me trading bonuses without my signature-
He continued trading even tho I expressly told him to stop.

I sent email to all addresses I could find at BinaryBook saying I want out-then I started chargeback thru my bank. I was fortunate that I used my Credit card to deposit my money.
When their Lawyers tried to defend the chargeback, I studied their evidence and saw the statement -

No-one but the client(me) is allowed to trade-
The broker gave himself bonuses to cover his losses-without my approval on a signed statement-I hadn't signed a bonus agreement.
He continued trading when I was on holiday in the middle of Australia with no internet access. The IP records could easily prove that.

So you see- they shot themselves in the foot and had to return my money.

With OFM however-it was a different matter-I did sign forms permitting them to use their crook bonus scheme to entrap me. This case is still work in Progress.
Hope this helps you with your battle algrace-take care-tolly


Simona Weinglass was a great help by introducing my case to ISA. Guys from Tradeo told me that regulated brokers are NOT allowed to give signals to their clients. I could prove those were signals instead of any advice etc and that was one of the main reasons I got a positive decision from the Financial Ombudsman of Cyprus. I have been told my case may even be one reason BdB was fined 350K by Cysec. That was the start of their final countdown and if I am really involved I could not be any more happy.

Once again I dont understand this conversation about Giambrone here. They have private investors to back up the case and that is why there are no upfront fees. They have a mountain of evidence and it takes time to go through all those tens of thousands screenshots

After all BdB was a EU regulated company in financial markets and they just cant run away from that by closing the doors and paying back to the customers what they still have in their accounts. They have committed serious crimes and violated almost all terms of license. Not only CEO Oren Laurent but all the others are afraid now when Giambrone starts to attack from 3 countries.

Giambrone FS Claims

Giambrone Law Representative
Hello FPA members

The somewhat negative posts concerning Giambrone on this forum have been brought to our attention by our clients and, whilst they date back a couple of years, we feel it is appropriate to post a response because we continue to assist a significant amount of clients to recover funds lost to Forex, CFD and Binary Options fraud.

We hope you will appreciate it would be inappropriate to respond to specific issues relating to a particular client online and in an open forum. We are, of course, are always happy to deal with issues raised by clients on an individual basis.

We currently represent over 3000 clients across our European offices and are the only law firm (to our knowledge) to provide assistance to clients in a wide variety of jurisdictions. Our offices in Italy work closely with the offices in Barcelona and London to enable us to provide a service to those clients in Latin America / Spanish speakers (Barcelona office), in England & Wales / English speaking (London office) and Italian / French speaking via our offices in Italy.

In any dispute, including those involving regulated and unregulated Forex, Binary Options and CFDs brokers, it is never possible to guarantee a particular outcome. It is therefore impossible to guarantee a recovery rate of 100%. Each case is unique and needs to be looked at on its own merits.

We have been able to recover a very significant amount of money on behalf of our clients but not everyone has had the same positive result. In some circumstances, recovery is extremely difficult because of the structure of the broker and the fact that money has been paid to various different beneficiaries. When we are unable to recover a client's money in the pre-action stage, we naturally share the client’s disappointment. At that stage, we generally provide two options: litigate or close the file. A lot of the time, the costs of court litigation and enforcement internationally far outweigh the benefits and sometimes clients do not have the funds available to litigate. On some occasions, we can introduce clients to litigation funders, but this also needs to be considered on a case by case basis as the funders will only generally advance funds for a case where there is at least a 60% chance of recovering the funds in the event the court action is successful.

We ask anyone with concerns about their own file to contact us by email at

Giambrone - Financial Services Claims Department

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Sono attualmente seguito dallo studio legale Giambrone da circa 2 mesi e fin ora mi sembrano competenti.
I commenti in questo sito, però mi mettono dei dubbi.
Qualcuno di voi ha un riscontro positivo?