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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I have an account 23927392 on binary option broker license numer 296/16. I opened account in 05.2016 and put 100$, I earned 7252.10$ since then and withdraw 520$. I requested payment 04.01.2017 for 300$ and second 16.01.2017 for 1000$. There was no response from the broker, and when I tried to get any information they said that the financial department is processing my withdrawal request. 24.01.2017 my account was blocked and I can't get any information why. After a week they send me a message that the Agreement I took with them is finished and my account with all the funds is gone, because I violated the terms and all my trades are cancelled.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Robchyli on 01/23/17

The company was first contacted about the issue on 01/19/17 the last contact was on 01/30/17

Details: Dear trader,

Thank you for choosing Top Option!
We hope this email finds you well!
The relevant department is processing your requests as soon as possible.
We will inform you as fast as possible when your requests will be processed successfully.
Thank you for your understanding regarding this subject.

Company representatives' emails: Beata Wardzynska <>
Rebecca Mori <>



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I sent them this email today, we will see what they will answer:

Hello, I can't agree with your decision about closing my account and stealing my money. I haven't violated the agreement and I was playing the same way for 8 months. The problems started when I earned more money, so I think the things you are writing on your site are lies: "TopOption receives its commission from the difference between the payout percentage paid to the client and the actual payout received by TopOption." You are only earning money when people lose, so the violation of clause 9 you are writing about in the document you sent me is every won transaction. By the way 21 Woodrow House, Mercer Street PR1 4LQ Preston, UK is not my adress. I have never been there in my life, so I don't know where you found it. I will post about your unfair practice and stealing people money on every site I can.
In the meantime I am inviting you to discuss the case on this forum:
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Good. Post an update on Monday and say if they bothered to get back in touch with you or not.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I've just sent the formal FPA invitation. Please post an update here and in you Scam Alerts thread on Monday the 13th to let me know if they've gotten back to you or not.


This is an obvious scam the fact that they cancelled your account after you submitted the withdrawal requests shows they are uncomfortable with you earning from them. How come they talk about violating their terms now when you have applied to get your money? All that time you were trading and winning before submitting the withdrawal requests they should have notified you of these term violations since that was when they were ACTUALLY violated and not after you submitted withdrawal requests. You don't even need to invite them here just file a legal case against them and seek for their license if at all they have one and it is legal to be revoked. Seek big compensation from them to destroy them big time. I know filing a legal case is a challenge but it is possible. I wish i was a lawyer i could be getting huge cuts by representing clients against these numerous scam brokers. Look at it this way a registered broker should accept deposits from clients and PROMPTLY process withdrawals as and when required. The moment double standards begin where deposits are accepted and when withdrawal requests are submitted funny games begin... these are the signs of a PONZI scheme. You have earned this money legitimately why the double standards????


Well how about that? If you have earned profit and requested a withdrawal, well then you may have "violated the terms of your agreement" ..
This is a typical reaction of a so called "binary options provider" that the regulatory authorities referred to as "off exchange".
In simple terms, your trades are parked on their demo server and all gains and or losses however realistic, are merely hypothetical.
So what happens when a withdrawal is requested for those fictitious funds that are not really available?
Well most accountants would agree that it would be as like trying to make a one trick pony to do chin ups .