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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Respected Sir/Madam,

I was having below balance in my all account in US Dollars up to 13.11.2017.

Account No. Balance
2132544123 10341
2132545594 5688
2132545049 6801
2132534402 13213

I have suffered with brain stroke on 14.11.2017 and hospitalized.I have requested the company for withdrawal but instead of giving withdrawal they have place too many big deals in my accounts as 7 lots 5 lots etc, due to that deals my account was closed even they have also reversed the below bonus which has been given to me for
trading knowingly.

Credit Out Bonus

This is also to inform your good self that I was trading with them since April 2017 and they have not given me any withdrawal during my tenure.

Hari Om Bishnoi

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Aplus Trader on 03/29/18

The company was first contacted about the issue on 11/23/17 the last contact was on 04/19/18

Details: Dear Mr Hari Om,

Thanks for the mail and we are here to always help you,

actually we think you are confuse with First Five Protected deals,
Let me explain: The First Five Protected Deals means once you start trading account the first five deals that you open under our guidance ,If make any loss we will refund the total money without a deduction,

so we monitor Mr Raghav use this protected deals as he wish, So we are taken action on this matter and thanks for the written mail, So we have a proof from a client,

So as per you're accounts we can see because of market movements and low margin account closed with negative balance,
Thanks & Regards,
Mark Andrew
Admin Officer
Aplus Trader


Now you have proof that Mr Raghav made Manipulate on system by using Protected Deals,

Take action and revert me back,

If you have any clarification, You can contact this customer.
Thanks & Regards,
Mark Andrew
Admin Officer
Aplus Trader

Hi Mr Bishnoi,

Normally account Bonus will be removed automatically once your required margin is low,

For a example : If the balance is 100$ and open deals running -110$ means bonus will be remove automatically.

This will be apply for all trading accounts,

Dear Sir,
I don't know where you trade before, I am explaining our trading platform and if there is margin low below 25% means account will be start closing all negative deals one by one because of low margin,

And for some clients Mr Raghav use Protected deals by his own, Didn't you notice that is odd comparing to other trading platforms, Didn't you feel that he is helping you by cheating company,

Any how we will take action on this ,

Dear Mr Hari Om,

Thanks for the mail and we are here to always help you,

actually we think you are confuse with First Five Protected deals,
Let me explain: The First Five Protected Deals means once you start trading account the first five deals that you open under our guidance ,If make any loss we will refund the total money without a deduction,

so we monitor Mr Raghav use this protected deals as he wish, So we are taken action on this matter and thanks for the written mail, So we have a proof from a client,

So as per you're accounts we can see because of market movements and low margin account closed with negative balance,
Thanks & Regards,
Mark Andrew
Admin Officer
Aplus Trader

Whats App Massages.

[2:28 PM, 11/17/2017] bishnoiho: Raghav ji please take care account position
[2:32 PM, 11/17/2017] Aplus: Noted sir
[3:13 PM, 11/17/2017] Aplus: sir not possible to talk . busy with all the customers all are in critical sitiuation
[3:19 PM, 11/17/2017] bishnoiho: Arpit account
[3:20 PM, 11/23/2017] bishnoiho: Reached home safely
[7:08 PM, 12/10/2017] bishnoiho: Hi
[2:30 PM, 12/11/2017] bishnoiho: Raghav ji call request. I know you will be under Pressure even
[3:13 PM, 12/11/2017] Aplus: I will call you sir.
[7:08 PM, 12/11/2017] bishnoiho: Need to talk Raghavji
[8:47 PM, 12/11/2017] Aplus: I will call you tomorrow with a solution sir
[8:48 PM, 12/11/2017] bishnoiho: Right thank you
[2:57 PM, 12/12/2017] bishnoiho: Raghavji may I call
[3:03 PM, 12/12/2017] Aplus: Just give me min
[3:05 PM, 12/12/2017] Aplus: Sir your number not working
[3:05 PM, 12/12/2017] Aplus: Any other number
[3:37 PM, 12/12/2017] bishnoiho: What's app. Call please
[3:38 PM, 12/12/2017] Aplus: Sir send me a number i will call directly. Wats app monitoring
[3:43 PM, 12/12/2017] bishnoiho: Now call me at 9815970627 earlier number
[4:26 PM, 12/12/2017] Aplus: trying to call resiving a message as unavailable sir,
[4:27 PM, 12/12/2017] bishnoiho: I have now switch off and on please try once
[4:46 PM, 12/12/2017] bishnoiho: 7973294897
[5:30 PM, 12/12/2017] bishnoiho: Dear Raghavji please call me you no my situation I m not well sitting outside the house
[5:31 PM, 12/12/2017] bishnoiho: please do it fast hope u understand my situation, network is not in range inside the house.
[5:59 PM, 12/12/2017] bishnoiho: Home landline 0172 2730627
[7:56 PM, 12/12/2017] bishnoiho: Waiting
[10:02 AM, 12/13/2017] Aplus: Give me 30 min i will call you whats app
[10:02 AM, 12/13/2017] bishnoiho: Ok thanks
[2:37 PM, 12/13/2017] bishnoiho: Raghavji mail dropped, no reply - Please help me need your assistance badly
[11:12 AM, 12/14/2017] bishnoiho:

[8:03 PM, 12/14/2017] bishnoiho: Please update
[5:43 PM, 12/15/2017] bishnoiho: Raghav bhai please help atleast in wife's account 2132544123
[5:44 PM, 12/15/2017] Aplus: Sor i told you the send a mail i am also waiting for reply
[1:02 PM, 12/16/2017] Aplus: Sir its my off day .i am not in the office.hope you understand.
[1:04 PM, 12/18/2017] bishnoiho: Good Morning Mr. Raghav
[1:07 PM, 12/18/2017] Aplus: Good morning sir
[1:07 PM, 12/18/2017] Aplus: I talk to management.i van make your account zero and we can start with a company will give some credit bonus as per my request
[1:09 PM, 12/18/2017] bishnoiho: But Mr. Raghav as you know my situation a big deposit will not be possible for me, So the same that I can manage
[1:11 PM, 12/18/2017] Aplus: You let me know your possibilities sir.i will request
[1:15 PM, 12/18/2017] bishnoiho: Mr. Raghav - My wife account closed only on -304 which is not having any percentage of 12000 credit bonus I do not know how. Can It be started by minimum deposit or you please suggest me this time, I am suffering by a critical situation I am not having Job & this brain stroke happened please help me.
[1:17 PM, 12/18/2017] Aplus: Becouse of situation i am asking sir. You know we need to recover so you know better so tell me a amount i can request
[1:21 PM, 12/18/2017] bishnoiho: Dear Mr. Raghav - I can Manage only 100 to 200 that is up to 09th of January only
[1:24 PM, 12/18/2017] Aplus: I will get back to you sir
[1:24 PM, 12/18/2017] bishnoiho: Ok Thank you
[6:51 PM, 12/18/2017] bishnoiho: Dear Mr. Raghav - Your update please.
[2:47 PM, 12/19/2017] bishnoiho: Dear Mr. Raghav - Please help me & update me, You are requested to spare sometime from your busy schedule. Just only you is the lime light for me.
[2:48 PM, 12/19/2017] Aplus: Sir as per our discussion you inform that you can add 200$ so my question is by 200$ to recover how many days it will take .
[2:53 PM, 12/19/2017] bishnoiho: Mr. Raghav as you very well know my position and you are telling to give some percentage of credit bonus which was forfeited as per my request. I have lost a huge amount as per Indian currency you know better then me. My purpose is to gain some amount monthly to recover my illness & to look after my family.
[2:54 PM, 12/19/2017] bishnoiho: or you are requested to suggest some best way to get rid of this situation. whatsoever happened in earlier has happened. Kindly look after my age also.
[2:54 PM, 12/19/2017] Aplus: Sir i told you what i can do for you. If you need credit you need to request from admin become your account is beyond my limit
[2:57 PM, 12/19/2017] bishnoiho: as I told happened is happened - since long I know only You. If you can do something it will be a kindness to me from your side.
[2:58 PM, 12/19/2017] Aplus: Happened is happened sir but you're the one ask for it. So any request you need to made to admin
[3:01 PM, 12/19/2017] bishnoiho: But yesterday you have told me do something.
[3:01 PM, 12/19/2017] bishnoiho: I talk to management.i van make your account zero and we can start with a company will give some credit bonus as per my request
[3:02 PM, 12/19/2017] Aplus: Yes is can do the account zero we can start. But credit bonus i cant provide
[3:13 PM, 12/19/2017] bishnoiho: You have also told me yesterday company will give some credit bonus as per your request. For me company.
[4:13 PM, 12/19/2017] bishnoiho: Dear Mr. Raghav, I have always treated you as a person with high respect and invested money only on your trust and when I need your help and support you are asking me to talk to admin, which I should sent to you and the same was CC to admin, but my intention was not to hurt you or your management, I have requested admin and you to check my account why the same was trade out when the credit bonus was still there.
[4:14 PM, 12/19/2017] bishnoiho: Any way I leave everything on to you and my good GOD. Thanks for your support.
[10:56 AM, 12/22/2017] Aplus: Dear trader.
Hope you are doing well. This is to inform that from 22nd December to 28th December we are closed. Normally as a trader you know the market is close for X-mass.
27th and 28th market open but we cant expect big movements Becouse dollar market close. So we are planing for server update those days.
And if you want, you can do trade those days, But we are requesting all our clients,not to trade because it is a risk .
We will back to work 29th as usual..
Sorry for the inconvenience
Thanks & Regards
Team Aplus
[10:57 AM, 12/22/2017] Aplus: There is a small correction sir 23rd to 28th
[4:07 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: Hi Mr. Raghav
[4:08 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: Hope you have seen the mail from admin, please advise me how to proceed further and activate the account to recover the previous losses.
[4:15 PM, 1/2/2018] Aplus: To recover we need to start with a capital so you need to arrenge atleast 1000usd
[4:15 PM, 1/2/2018] Aplus: So we can start recovering
[4:30 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: Dear Mr. Raghav, thanks for the response, I will arrange 500 from my friend and give you to activate the account, You know my prevailing situation.
[4:30 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: lets start with 500 let the recovery position be slow, after few days i will arrange another 500$
[4:30 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: hope this is OK to you, i will arrange the deposit and let u know
[4:30 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: in the mean time please share the code
[4:30 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: but this is my last hope on you and in the forex trade.
[4:30 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: hope you will help me and recover me out of it once and for all
[6:09 PM, 1/2/2018] Aplus: Don't worry i will do my best sir
[6:10 PM, 1/2/2018] Aplus: Go with this code sir Aplus-59370409
[6:10 PM, 1/2/2018] Aplus: Let me know once done
[6:22 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: Great and thanks
[6:22 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: i will deposit 500 at the earliest
[6:22 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: i know you are there and will take care of me and my account but still asking you
[6:23 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: the old credit balance of my account will be transferred back i believe
[6:23 PM, 1/2/2018] bishnoiho: please confirm
[6:23 PM, 1/2/2018] Aplus:
[6:24 PM, 1/2/2018] Aplus: You will get one protected deal sir and i will help you to recover all the losses
[4:03 PM, 1/6/2018] bishnoiho: Hello
[4:03 PM, 1/6/2018] Aplus: Hi sir .
[4:04 PM, 1/6/2018] bishnoiho: How is u
[4:04 PM, 1/6/2018] bishnoiho: I will try to put on Monday
[4:04 PM, 1/6/2018] Aplus: Fine sir . Outside. Anything important sir?
[4:05 PM, 1/6/2018] Aplus: Ok sir i will catch you Monday
[4:05 PM, 1/6/2018] bishnoiho: Ok fine
[4:05 PM, 1/6/2018] Aplus: Have a grate weekend sir
[4:05 PM, 1/6/2018] bishnoiho: Thanks
[10:25 PM, 1/9/2018] bishnoiho: How. Is. U
[10:41 PM, 1/9/2018] Aplus: Fine sir sorry for the late reply
[10:43 PM, 1/9/2018] bishnoiho: Ok no problem. Will talk. By tomorrow
[1:48 PM, 1/12/2018] bishnoiho: Hello
[1:48 PM, 1/12/2018] Aplus: Hi sir
[1:50 PM, 1/12/2018] bishnoiho: I m on the job but still not succeeded Hope take some more days
[1:57 PM, 1/12/2018] Aplus: Will see sir
[2:35 PM, 1/16/2018] bishnoiho: How is you Raghavji
[2:36 PM, 1/16/2018] Aplus: Fine sir
[2:37 PM, 1/16/2018] bishnoiho: May I call you
[2:38 PM, 1/16/2018] Aplus: Sorry sir we are not allowed to take whatsapp calls. And you can tell me through message.becouse i have some appointments.sorry. How can i help you
[12:10 PM, 1/18/2018] Aplus: Hi sir are you. Are you free?
[12:10 PM, 1/18/2018] bishnoiho: 15 minutes
[12:10 PM, 1/18/2018] bishnoiho: Boss
[12:10 PM, 1/18/2018] Aplus: Wich number you need me to call
[12:11 PM, 1/18/2018] Aplus: Same 627 number
[12:12 PM, 1/18/2018] bishnoiho: Yes
[12:12 PM, 1/18/2018] Aplus: Once free let me lnow
[12:12 PM, 1/18/2018] bishnoiho: Ok
[12:33 PM, 1/18/2018] bishnoiho: Can you please call me at my landline 0172 2730627
[1:22 PM, 1/18/2018] Aplus: Aplus-81373114
[1:22 PM, 1/18/2018] Aplus: This is your promotion code sir
[1:23 PM, 1/18/2018] bishnoiho: Ok I will text you
[1:24 PM, 1/18/2018] Aplus:
[3:28 PM, 1/18/2018] bishnoiho: Raghavji 500 kar diye help me please
[3:29 PM, 1/18/2018] Aplus: Sire sir give me some time i do my best
[3:29 PM, 1/18/2018] bishnoiho: Thanks for your kind cooperation
[2:22 PM, 1/19/2018] bishnoiho: Hi Mr Raghav
[2:22 PM, 1/19/2018] bishnoiho: How is u
[2:26 PM, 1/19/2018] Aplus: Fine sir once there is sure deal we will open
[2:27 PM, 1/19/2018] bishnoiho: Ok no problem as you feel fit
[2:27 PM, 1/19/2018] Aplus:
[2:28 PM, 1/19/2018] bishnoiho: I still believe in u
[2:28 PM, 1/19/2018] Aplus: I know sir
[2:38 PM, 1/22/2018] bishnoiho: Hello how are you
[3:13 PM, 1/22/2018] Aplus: I will contact you
[3:14 PM, 1/22/2018] bishnoiho: Ok no problem boss
[10:18 PM, 1/22/2018] bishnoiho: ✌
[6:54 PM, 1/23/2018] bishnoiho: Hi
[6:55 PM, 1/23/2018] Aplus: Hi
[6:55 PM, 1/23/2018] bishnoiho: How is u
[6:55 PM, 1/23/2018] Aplus: Today we have news in the night so we hope for the best
[6:56 PM, 1/23/2018] Aplus:
[6:56 PM, 1/23/2018] bishnoiho: Ok thanks
[10:01 AM, 1/24/2018] bishnoiho:

[10:19 AM, 1/24/2018] Aplus:
[8:19 PM, 1/24/2018] bishnoiho: Hello ragav ji How is you
[8:27 PM, 1/24/2018] Aplus: Fine sir how about you.
[8:29 PM, 1/24/2018] bishnoiho: I am recovering slowly slowly
[1:51 PM, 1/25/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[1:51 PM, 1/25/2018] Aplus: Morning
[5:06 PM, 1/26/2018] bishnoiho: How are you sir ji
[4:56 PM, 1/29/2018] bishnoiho: Hi Raghav ji
[4:56 PM, 1/29/2018] Aplus: Hi sir how are you
[4:57 PM, 1/29/2018] bishnoiho: Fine how was the weekend
[5:01 PM, 1/29/2018] Aplus: Good sir .today we try big
[5:02 PM, 1/29/2018] bishnoiho: Hope so thanks
[10:10 AM, 1/30/2018] bishnoiho:
[6:03 PM, 1/30/2018] bishnoiho: Hi Raghav ji
[6:03 PM, 1/30/2018] bishnoiho: How is you
[6:03 PM, 1/30/2018] Aplus: Fine sir
[10:13 AM, 1/31/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[1:02 PM, 1/31/2018] bishnoiho: Thank you
[1:03 PM, 1/31/2018] bishnoiho:

[10:41 AM, 2/1/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[10:41 AM, 2/1/2018] bishnoiho: How is you
[10:41 AM, 2/1/2018] Aplus: Morning sir how are you
[10:42 AM, 2/1/2018] bishnoiho: I am fine
[10:42 AM, 2/1/2018] Aplus:
[9:40 PM, 2/1/2018] bishnoiho:
[12:48 PM, 2/2/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[12:48 PM, 2/2/2018] Aplus: Morning we hope to hit big
[12:49 PM, 2/2/2018] bishnoiho: Ok as you feel firy
[12:49 PM, 2/2/2018] bishnoiho: Fit
[12:49 PM, 2/2/2018] Aplus:
[9:22 PM, 2/3/2018] bishnoiho: Good evening boss
[12:00 PM, 2/5/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[12:01 PM, 2/5/2018] bishnoiho: Enjoyed weekend
[12:13 PM, 2/5/2018] Aplus: No sir we had a two days trading course
[12:43 PM, 2/5/2018] bishnoiho: Ok that is also good
[7:20 PM, 2/5/2018] bishnoiho: Raghavji good evening
[7:20 PM, 2/5/2018] bishnoiho: Any plan for today
[10:11 PM, 2/5/2018] bishnoiho:
[4:19 PM, 2/6/2018] bishnoiho: Good afternoon Raghavji
[4:19 PM, 2/6/2018] bishnoiho: How is you
[4:25 PM, 2/6/2018] Aplus: Fine sir waiting for a giid deal
[4:28 PM, 2/6/2018] bishnoiho: No problem
[4:29 PM, 2/6/2018] bishnoiho: As u feel fit
[4:29 PM, 2/6/2018] Aplus:

[4:29 PM, 2/6/2018] bishnoiho:

[11:07 AM, 2/7/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[11:08 AM, 2/7/2018] bishnoiho:
[11:08 AM, 2/7/2018] Aplus: Morning sir
[11:09 AM, 2/7/2018] bishnoiho: How are you
[11:09 AM, 2/7/2018] Aplus:
[11:09 AM, 2/7/2018] bishnoiho: I am willing to speak with you please call when feel ok
[11:10 AM, 2/7/2018] Aplus: Is it important sir. Regarding ?
[11:12 AM, 2/7/2018] bishnoiho: I want to share something but not urgent take your time
[11:12 AM, 2/7/2018] Aplus: Noted give me sec
[9:34 AM, 2/8/2018] Aplus: Try to call you but it says busy . Let me know once free
[9:34 AM, 2/8/2018] bishnoiho: Please call now
[9:40 AM, 2/8/2018] Aplus: I will update you
[9:58 AM, 2/8/2018] bishnoiho: Thanks
[11:19 PM, 2/8/2018] bishnoiho: Any update Raghavji
[2:28 PM, 2/9/2018] bishnoiho: Good afternoon Raghavji
[4:35 PM, 2/9/2018] Aplus: Afternoon sir
[4:36 PM, 2/9/2018] bishnoiho: How are the things
[8:24 PM, 2/9/2018] bishnoiho:

[6:35 PM, 2/11/2018] bishnoiho: Good afternoon Raghavji
[12:41 PM, 2/12/2018] Aplus: Morning sir
[12:42 PM, 2/12/2018] bishnoiho: How was the weekend
[12:43 PM, 2/12/2018] Aplus: Good sir . Get. Back to you sir
[12:43 PM, 2/12/2018] bishnoiho: Ok
[2:36 PM, 2/12/2018] bishnoiho: Raghavji got 34
[2:37 PM, 2/12/2018] Aplus: Waiting for another news we hit big
[2:37 PM, 2/12/2018] bishnoiho: Ok no problem
[6:01 PM, 2/13/2018] bishnoiho: Hello Raghavji
[6:02 PM, 2/13/2018] bishnoiho: How is you
[6:08 PM, 2/13/2018] Aplus: Doing good
[6:08 PM, 2/13/2018] bishnoiho: Ok
[6:10 PM, 2/13/2018] bishnoiho: USD jpy will come Raghavji
[6:10 PM, 2/13/2018] Aplus: Ya it will sir don't worry
[6:10 PM, 2/13/2018] bishnoiho: Ok thanks
[6:11 PM, 2/13/2018] Aplus:
[8:25 AM, 2/14/2018] bishnoiho: Raghavji - 1100 ho Gaya
[9:33 AM, 2/14/2018] bishnoiho: - 1600 Raghavji
[9:34 AM, 2/14/2018] Aplus: I know sir. I will do the needful
[9:35 AM, 2/14/2018] bishnoiho: Ok Raghavji
[9:22 PM, 2/14/2018] bishnoiho: Hello
[9:22 PM, 2/14/2018] bishnoiho: Raghavji
[9:22 PM, 2/14/2018] Aplus: Hi sir
[9:22 PM, 2/14/2018] bishnoiho: R u in office
[9:23 PM, 2/14/2018] Aplus: No sir on my way to accommodation
[9:23 PM, 2/14/2018] Aplus: How can i help you
[9:23 PM, 2/14/2018] bishnoiho: - 1700
[9:24 PM, 2/14/2018] Aplus: Don't worry we have margin and i keep one person to monitor
[9:24 PM, 2/14/2018] Aplus: If any immanency he will do the needful
[9:24 PM, 2/14/2018] Aplus: No worries
[9:24 PM, 2/14/2018] bishnoiho: Ok thanks
[9:25 PM, 2/14/2018] Aplus:
[6:53 PM, 2/15/2018] bishnoiho: Good evening Raghavji
[6:53 PM, 2/15/2018] Aplus: Evening sir
[6:54 PM, 2/15/2018] bishnoiho: Hope Raghavji
[6:55 PM, 2/15/2018] bishnoiho: Positive
[6:55 PM, 2/15/2018] Aplus: We have margin if any immanency i will add bonus don't worry
[6:56 PM, 2/15/2018] bishnoiho: Ok that I know Raghavji. Thanks
[6:56 PM, 2/15/2018] Aplus:
[9:41 AM, 2/16/2018] bishnoiho: Raghavji - 2650 margin. 150 percent
[9:41 AM, 2/16/2018] Aplus: I will check sir
[9:42 AM, 2/16/2018] bishnoiho: Ok
[9:42 AM, 2/16/2018] bishnoiho: 100 margin now
[2:29 PM, 2/16/2018] bishnoiho: Hi Raghav Ji
[2:30 PM, 2/16/2018] Aplus: Hi sir
[2:30 PM, 2/16/2018] bishnoiho: Raghav Ji Jpy is not going up
[2:31 PM, 2/16/2018] bishnoiho: what is your plan now
[2:31 PM, 2/16/2018] Aplus: Waiting for news
[2:32 PM, 2/16/2018] bishnoiho: ok if anything there please let me know
[2:32 PM, 2/16/2018] Aplus: Sure
[2:34 PM, 2/16/2018] bishnoiho: fine
[9:25 PM, 2/16/2018] bishnoiho: Are you in office Raghavji
[9:26 PM, 2/16/2018] Aplus: No sir
[9:28 PM, 2/16/2018] bishnoiho: Someone kept their na
[9:29 PM, 2/16/2018] Aplus: Yes sir . There is always some one this is 24/5 market .
[9:32 PM, 2/16/2018] bishnoiho: Ok trade is again below 106 .,.. I don't want to disturb you weekned started.
[11:26 AM, 2/17/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[10:43 AM, 2/19/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[11:05 AM, 2/19/2018] Aplus: Morning sir
[11:05 AM, 2/19/2018] bishnoiho: How was the weekend
[11:05 AM, 2/19/2018] Aplus: Good sir
[11:05 AM, 2/19/2018] bishnoiho: Ok
[11:06 AM, 2/19/2018] bishnoiho: Raghavji last only 34 we earn but no problem
[11:08 AM, 2/19/2018] Aplus: ?
[11:09 AM, 2/19/2018] bishnoiho: What is the further status of USD jpy
[11:10 AM, 2/19/2018] Aplus: As per my knowledge now it's slowly recovering
[11:11 AM, 2/19/2018] bishnoiho: It will recover today or take more days
[11:13 AM, 2/19/2018] Aplus: Sir it will recover but cant say exactly when becouse this is market you know it better
[11:13 AM, 2/19/2018] Aplus: So we need to wait
[11:15 AM, 2/19/2018] Aplus: Please explain this message. Cant understand
[11:16 AM, 2/19/2018] bishnoiho: Last week only 34 USD we have earned in full week
[11:17 AM, 2/19/2018] bishnoiho: Can we covert USD jpy in to protected if you agree
[11:17 AM, 2/19/2018] bishnoiho: Please
[11:18 AM, 2/19/2018] Aplus: Do you think by opening a deal with this negative deal is ok for your account. No issue sir once this deal recover you can do trading in your account because i dont want to take risk
[11:18 AM, 2/19/2018] Aplus: When i agree to give a protected deal sir
[11:19 AM, 2/19/2018] bishnoiho: As you wish I don't want to trade I know you are always well wisher
[2:05 PM, 2/20/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[2:12 PM, 2/20/2018] Aplus: Morning sir
[2:21 PM, 2/20/2018] bishnoiho: Any update for my wife account Raghavji
[2:22 PM, 2/20/2018] bishnoiho: I know you can do it please accommodate
[2:21 PM, 2/20/2018] Aplus: Now its down to 1300 sir but expecting some news and hope to open some sure deals i will update you sir
[2:22 PM, 2/20/2018] Aplus:
[2:23 PM, 2/20/2018] bishnoiho: Wife account Raghavji
[2:24 PM, 2/20/2018] bishnoiho: One person will join you with 1000 with in a day or two
[2:41 PM, 2/20/2018] Aplus: We will do something
[2:43 PM, 2/20/2018] bishnoiho: Yes please Raghavji
[2:42 PM, 2/20/2018] Aplus: Let me know before start i will talk for a offer for yoi
[2:42 PM, 2/20/2018] Aplus: You
[3:07 PM, 2/20/2018] bishnoiho: Sure
[3:08 PM, 2/20/2018] Aplus:
[5:02 PM, 2/21/2018] bishnoiho: Weldone Raghavji
[5:02 PM, 2/21/2018] bishnoiho:
[7:08 PM, 2/21/2018] bishnoiho: What will be the bonus percentage for new fellow who want to join raghavji
[7:09 PM, 2/21/2018] Aplus: 100% i can provide sir
[7:10 PM, 2/21/2018] bishnoiho: Oh I told him 150
[7:10 PM, 2/21/2018] bishnoiho: Ok I will convince him
[7:10 PM, 2/21/2018] Aplus: Sorry sir not possible
[7:11 PM, 2/21/2018] bishnoiho: Ok I will manage somehow
[7:11 PM, 2/21/2018] Aplus: Ok sir thanks
[7:11 PM, 2/21/2018] bishnoiho:
[4:29 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: Hi Raghav Ji
[4:30 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: How is you
[4:30 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: Hi sir
[4:30 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: Doing good sir .waiting for solid deal
[4:30 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: ok no problem
[4:31 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: Raghav ji any plan for my wife account as per your schedule
[4:31 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: Still no sir let you know. End of the month
[4:32 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: ok
[4:32 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: Raghav ji may do one request to you
[4:32 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: What sir
[4:33 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: You know I have taken some money from Mr. Navneet ji earlier when become VIP
[4:33 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: Yes sir
[4:34 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: I want to refund that Money also as he is in India now
[4:35 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: So what do you want me to do sir?
[4:36 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: I want at least 1000 withdrawal every month not more than that to come out from all this situation. May submit in this month end if you say
[4:38 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: Do you think this is the good time to withdraw sir. We alredy have 1000$ plus negative and we have balance of 3000$ so if you want to withdraw 1000$ means only 1000$ will remain. From that 1000$ how it's possible to earn 1000$ monthly sir?
[4:39 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: So you tell me what to so sir.
[4:39 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: *do
[4:39 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: Ok I will manage this Month. will start from next Month end
[4:40 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: Please help me in this regard
[4:41 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: O am doing only the helping sir. Becouse of your mails i cant take any decision by my self . All i need to ask from management so you need to wait .because of you this position came sir.
[4:42 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: because i am not having no other way, It is possible with your help only.
[4:43 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: Then we need to wait
[4:44 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: that is why asking from next month onwards Raghav ji
[4:44 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: ok as you feel fit kindly guide me accordingly
[4:45 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus: I will try my best
[4:45 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: fine
[4:46 PM, 2/22/2018] bishnoiho: New person is also in pipeline I will try my best to join shortly..... thanks
[5:18 PM, 2/22/2018] Aplus:
[12:59 PM, 2/23/2018] bishnoiho: Very good morning Raghavji
[1:07 PM, 2/23/2018] Aplus: Morning sir
[10:58 AM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[11:07 AM, 2/26/2018] Aplus: Morning sir
[5:16 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: Hi raghav ji
[5:16 PM, 2/26/2018] Aplus: Hi sir
[5:17 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: What will be the status of Aud Usd
[5:18 PM, 2/26/2018] Aplus: Still negative
[5:21 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: JPY is also idle more than a Month. any hope for upcoming
[5:22 PM, 2/26/2018] Aplus: We are expecting huge market movements first Friday will hope for the best sir
[5:23 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: on 2nd March
[5:24 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: my free margin in minus kindly care
[5:25 PM, 2/26/2018] Aplus: Who told sir did you log in and see. Without proper update please dont conform.your margin is 154.85 .
[5:27 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: I am talking about free Margin boss
[5:27 PM, 2/26/2018] Aplus: I am talking about free margin too. I know what is free margin
[5:28 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: it is here showing - 99
[5:29 PM, 2/26/2018] Aplus: Did you login to your account!
[5:29 PM, 2/26/2018] Aplus: Send me a screenshot
[7:37 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: Minus 3000 Raghav ji
[9:03 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: Red Signal come Raghav Ji
[9:05 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: are we going to do something
[10:11 PM, 2/26/2018] Aplus: Yes sir i am here i will check
[10:12 PM, 2/26/2018] Aplus: Bonus added
[10:15 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: Thank you very much
[10:16 PM, 2/26/2018] bishnoiho: I was in tension, You know my present position.
[9:44 AM, 2/27/2018] bishnoiho: Good Morning Raghav Ji
[7:20 PM, 2/27/2018] bishnoiho: Good evening Raghavji
[7:21 PM, 2/27/2018] bishnoiho: How is you
[10:51 AM, 2/28/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[10:54 AM, 2/28/2018] Aplus: Morning sir
[10:56 AM, 2/28/2018] bishnoiho: R u in office
[10:58 AM, 2/28/2018] Aplus: On my way sir
[10:59 AM, 2/28/2018] Aplus: I know the situation once i go to my seat get back to you. One deal close ?
[10:59 AM, 2/28/2018] bishnoiho: Ok no problem
[11:04 AM, 2/28/2018] bishnoiho: current deal is also on Red signal This is for your information please
[5:47 PM, 2/28/2018] bishnoiho: Hello Raghavji
[5:48 PM, 2/28/2018] Aplus: Hi sir i have requested for your account get back to you sir. Don't worry i will do something
[5:48 PM, 2/28/2018] bishnoiho: Thanks you
[5:48 PM, 2/28/2018] Aplus:
[12:33 PM, 3/1/2018] bishnoiho: Hello Raghavji
[12:34 PM, 3/1/2018] Aplus: Hi sir
[3:02 PM, 3/1/2018] bishnoiho: Any hope Raghavji
[7:48 PM, 3/1/2018] Aplus: Hi sir i talk to management and request for a protected deal . You told me you have a refferal Just join him i do the rest .
[8:32 PM, 3/1/2018] bishnoiho: I talk to him, he is telling to join but not giving sure date.
[8:35 PM, 3/1/2018] bishnoiho: For us you are the management, I don't know any other in your company, so so something if possible, I can't say anything more this time
[8:36 PM, 3/1/2018] bishnoiho: Raghav massage sir
[8:37 PM, 3/1/2018] Aplus: I will get back to you sit
[8:37 PM, 3/1/2018] Aplus: Sir
[12:48 PM, 3/5/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[12:48 PM, 3/5/2018] Aplus: Morning sir
[11:11 AM, 3/8/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[11:28 AM, 3/8/2018] Aplus: morning sir
[11:10 AM, 3/9/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[11:28 AM, 3/9/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[12:40 PM, 3/13/2018] Aplus: Sir i talk to management they approve for a protected deal . But you need to arrange a 500$ is it possible sir?
[3:25 PM, 3/13/2018] bishnoiho: Raghav Ji if you promise me to give a withdrawl of 1000 near by 10th April I will arrange and deposit 500 now because your goodwill, Please let me know which protected deal you are going to give. If possible please call me at 0172-2730627.
[3:25 PM, 3/13/2018] Aplus: I am in a meeting let you know
[3:26 PM, 3/13/2018] bishnoiho: OK
[10:38 AM, 3/14/2018] Aplus: Sir sorry for the late reply as per our account it is -1105 i will make it zero and for 500$ deposit company allow protected deal of 1416.95 deal if you can go with 1000$ then i. Can get the 3012 deal sir .
[7:52 PM, 3/14/2018] bishnoiho: Thanks for your update, I will check and let you know
[4:08 PM, 4/17/2018] Aplus: True sir
[4:09 PM, 4/17/2018] bishnoiho: Thanks
[4:21 PM, 4/17/2018] Aplus: I gave yoi a option sir .
[4:30 PM, 4/17/2018] bishnoiho: What to do I m in a typical situation...........
[4:33 PM, 4/17/2018] Aplus: Sir you are the one inform me that you can go with 500$so i talk to management. So if you can arrange 500 as i say the promotion i can provide sir that is the maximum i can do sir
[4:40 PM, 4/17/2018] bishnoiho: In my all account history is there any withdrawal
[4:45 PM, 4/17/2018] Aplus: Why sir if you check your neteller account you can see. And i think you remember you took withdrawal to your other trading accounts sir.
[4:45 PM, 4/17/2018] bishnoiho: No withdrawal in my tenure
[4:45 PM, 4/17/2018] Aplus: If we talk like this it will end up with heart broken sir and i dont want it to happen with you and me still i am trying to do something for you sir
[4:46 PM, 4/17/2018] Aplus: Even to your trading accounts sir
[4:46 PM, 4/17/2018] bishnoiho: Ues
[4:46 PM, 4/17/2018] bishnoiho: Yes
[4:46 PM, 4/17/2018] Aplus: And i will do something
[4:47 PM, 4/17/2018] Aplus: Take care sir i always care for you as a elder brother
[4:47 PM, 4/17/2018] Aplus: I will come up with good news
[4:48 PM, 4/17/2018] bishnoiho: If you can I will hounered u my whole life
[4:48 PM, 4/17/2018] Aplus:

[4:48 PM, 4/17/2018] bishnoiho: Thanks
[4:49 PM, 4/17/2018] Aplus: I will try my best sir
[4:49 PM, 4/17/2018] bishnoiho: Hoping for the best from Raghav
[12:55 PM, 4/18/2018] Aplus: Morning sir
[12:56 PM, 4/18/2018] bishnoiho: Morning Raghavji
[5:00 PM, 4/20/2018] bishnoiho: Raghavji anything expected
[1:48 PM, 5/2/2018] Aplus: As per your reviews in forex peaceArmy all the refundable request are rejected.and you jave mention that we open trade deals .yes we open according to you request mails and whats app messages only. So untill you removed the reviews your request holds

Company representatives' emails: <>




FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
1. Please post a screenshot of that last chat in this thread. The one where they refuse a refund because you have a review at the FPA.

2. Do you have a screenshot of your account statement? A spreadsheet is good, but a screenshot would be better.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I've just sent the formal FPA invitation. Please post an update Friday afternoon or on Saturday to let me know if there has been any progress or not.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
The representative showed up in your Scam Alerts thread. Keep pressing him for answers and let's see where this goes. Make sure to show the part where one of them said you had to remove your reviews from the FPA.