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Problem I can't withdraw my money from OSMOSISFX.com

I am having an issue with a company

This is a very recent post by the Singapore Police but shows you the extent of these criminals. Almost $1B in cash and assets seized from criminals running these scams.

@Scam Reporters @FxMaster @4evermaat

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Part 2, follow-up article. Yunma is referenced in this article along with the names of several scammers arrested. No one should be surprised that criminal Chinese and Cambodians are running the scams as discussed in the article.

The incorporation documents listed them as joint equal shareholders, and the company secretary was listed as Yunma Tianlong International Consulting Co., Limited (also registered in the United Kingdom and currently active). This company appears in several online forums discussing investment scams, and the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has issued warnings about it. Yunma appears to be part of a network of scam operators, as stated by the FMA:

Both [Clearing Falcon Group] and [Genuine Progress Index] are incorporated in the United Kingdom and list Yunma Tianlong International Consulting Co., Limited (Yunma) as their Company Secretary, which they share with Knight Service Group and Business Choice Group Limited, entities that the FMA has previously warned about. Accordingly, we recommend caution when dealing with Yunma.

Yunma Owner
Kairo Luo
云马天隆 (Yun Ma Tianlong)
Wechat ID: offshorecompany77757
Email: 3603347356@qq.com
云马天隆-Kairo Luo <3603347356@qq.com>

Yunma Registered Director & Mainland ID

In the diagram below, Hun To is shown and he is the nephew of Hun Sen (Cambodian Prime Minister). Hun Sen has been linked directly to the scammers and his summer home is located across the street from the White Sands Palace which is a notorious sweat shop and human trafficking hub for PBS! In Sihanoukville none the less, which is where the China City compound is located with upwards of 20,000 scammers working day and night.






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If the money was wired to US banks and it's proven to be fraud, the US banks have liability insurance for this type of fraud. Does every victim get their money back from a bank No however, some victims have been successful to have their bank investigate, work with law enforcement and file insurance claims with the FDIC and their insurance company to help give the money back to the victims. This is not an easy process but this has occurred in some instances and some US victims have shown proof of this occurring (I have seen the documentation and proof).

Here some more about Banking Failure, at least from the EU side it may look complicated however in short "If your Bank is not able to identify the payee they are liable!


“must be interpreted as meaning that a payer’s payment service provider is required to provide that payer with information enabling the natural or legal person who benefited from a payment transaction debited from that payer’s account to be identified and not only the information which that provider, after making its best efforts, has available with regard to that payment transaction.


Please let's get full trading statements for all accounts and upload them here. Follow this tutorial:

Also attach relevant emails/chat.
I started trading with OSMOSISFX.com on 5/12/2023 and made total of $438K + investment on dirrerent dates.
Investement date 1: 5/12/2023
Investement date 2: 5/21/2023
Investement date 3: 5/26/2023
Investement date 4: 6/08/2023
Last Investement date : 6/21/2023

I tried to withdraw money on 7/21/2023 and was told by OSMOSISFX that "According to the 2023 tax regulations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States, you are required to pay a 10% personal income tax on your earnings, In order to proceed with your withdrawal" . They refused to let me draw even my personal investment , whihc I have already paid tax on. This seems like scam.

What I can do now? Pls help.
Hello, I am also in the same situation and unable to withdraw funds. They are asking to pay 10% taxes upfront and I don’t have funds for it. Can you please advise if you have resolved ? I am having stressful situations and seeking for help! Thank you!
First of all do not send a single dollar to them. If you do you’re gonna loose more money. I know it’s very hard time , I have gone through this already. Start filling your complaints with local police, FBI IC3, state attorney journal, US secret services and your bank.
To all,,,,,,,

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