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I am having an issue with a company
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Hello, Same story happening to me. A Girl from Singapore, her father is financial advisor to the government with years of experience in the forex market. Today in the Demo account I made USD30,800 now she is saying I am ready. She even sent the no. of a certain Diana who should be helping open an account. I have sort of known it could be a SCAM but waited to see where it heads. Coming here confirms my suspicion. I wonder why we cant take them down by reporting to the authorities or exposing the scam some how.
There are just way too many scam cases everyday, also these are international scamming which local authorities cannot do anything about this sometimes. Therefore, it’s hard to have law enforcements after them. Hopefully some are working to take all of these organizations Down because those crooks operate as a business here .
GUYS: September 28 a 35-yr-old woman from Singapore contacted me on FB saying her Facebook newsfeed "suggested friends" showed me on her news feed, so she sent me a friend req. She introduced herself as Jessica, although her FB page name is Cigdem Canbur Guney.


I looked over her page, she has plenty of apparently legit friends, nothing too suspicious, so after we PM'd a bit I accepted the friend req. Then she had me DL WhatsApp so we could chat regularly. It wasn't long before she said her father worked for the Singapore government in the commerce department and had access to Forex insider trading information.

She had me DL MT5 and wanted me to sign up with the brokerage Hong Kong Selead. I found their website here:


I registered an account and "Jessica" provided me with her broker's WhatsApp, her name is "Rosie." I spoke with Rosie and researched HK Selead. They are regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Here is the link to Hong Kong Selead on the public search engine at the official ASIC website, clik on the link below.

Hong Kong Selead on ASIC

Timelines on ASIC didn't match what I was being told, and there appeared to be at least one forerunner no longer active. I found something on another search which indicated that prior-named brokerage was abandoned for non-compliance. But HKS appeared to be legit on ASIC so I decided to move forward.

We worked together through the process of first running a Demo account and then an MT5 Live trading account.

Jessica pressed a bit and I moved $1000 to HKS MT5 through Coinbase USDT, and when I was able to do that I transferred a total of $10k into my HKS MT5 Live trading account.

After the first trade I made $3200 with 1:15 leverage. I withdrew $1k to Coinbase and $1k to my USA bank checking account. So far, so good.

Jessica pressed and I increased the MT5 account to a total of $82k and traded again, using 1:100 leverage, The profit was $31.5 after commissions.

Jessica pressed for more, and I now have $140k in the MT5 Live controlled by Rosie at HKS. But Jessica has been pressing ever harder for more and more. This morning she said if I add $8000 she will put $52k of her own cash into my account. She presents herself as a multi-millionaire who has made most of her money trading on Forex with her father's no-lose insider info.

I asked for her address at work or home where I could send a token of my appreciation. She declined, said we will meet in person when I come to Singapore in a few months. I spoke to her briefly on a WhatsApp phone call and she did not sound like she was born and raised in Singapore. I know, because I've already dated a woman from there about 15 years ago. She sounded very Chinese.

I contacted Rosie (who is in Hong Kong) on WhatsApp and asked to take out my money at noon today, so 1:00 AM local HK time. She said I would have to wait until regular business hours there, and she needs accounting dept. approval first since it is a large transaction.

I will report back to this forum thread tomorrow and let you know what happens.


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Adding to my earlier post, Cigdem Kanber Guney is the correct FB name. She was already friended by two guys I new from my hometown. I reached out to them to see if they were aware of anything suspicious concerning the woman. One answered and said no, she had not gone after him for Forex investment trading. The other guy did not respond.
I wish this thread had been started back in early October, I never would have gotten in so deep as I am now, looking at losing about $103k of my own cash, plus another $35 trading profits. I know those profits are legit, MT5 charts don't lie. I also know there are many ways for brokers to manipulate Forex trades to their benefit.

I will provide here the WhatsApp contact info for these two women if this winds up being a scam.
I wish this thread had been started back in early October, I never would have gotten in so deep as I am now, looking at losing about $103k of my own cash, plus another $35 trading profits. I know those profits are legit, MT5 charts don't lie. I also know there are many ways for brokers to manipulate Forex trades to their benefit.
Please provide a website.
Here is the basic info available on ASIC, I have ordered the $17.00 PDF file on the HK Selead, formed 8/16/21. I have been consistently told by both Rosie and Jessica that they have been doing business together as client and broker for over three years.
Oops, forgot the attachment. Here it is:


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