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Problem How I made Capitalex.com give me my money back

I am having an issue with a company
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The way I made Capitalex.com give me my money back was by exposing them in a public forum where anyone in the world could see them by typing Capitalex.com

You have to put the name very clear next to scam like this in the thread that you must create in the public forum like this;

1World Is A Big Scam....!!! Warning!!! Warning!!!

Use talkgold forum to create a thread there.

choose one category there that best describes 1World from any of the categories listed like these 2;
Caution : Risky High Yield Investing Programs
Specific Program Discussion

After that, anyone that googles or searches for 1World will get that thread right in the first page, trust me. You can google it yourself to see if it comes out. This way everyone interested in that company will see that there is a complaint about that company and most likely will want to read about 1World being a scam.

In your thread in the forum just limit yourself to write the history of events of your dealings with this company, explain how they are taking their money and how they are not returning your money, etc. Have friends help you post similar complains about this company. If you see a posting that defends 1World just post another message saying those are message from the 1World themselves.

Then contact 1World and tell them that there is a thread saying they are a scam and give them the link so they can go and see it. Make sure you and your friends put a lot of negative messages about this company, place them with different nicknames. This way, 1World will read and think they are getting a bad name in Internet. This will put a lot of pressure on them, they will start sending you mails threatening you to sue you or something like that. This will tell you that you are in a good track because they are starting to pay attention to you. At the same time keep asking them for your money. If they threaten you, tell them to go ahead, this way you will be able to find them.

Inform your local authorities and place a formal report on this company. Give the police all the info you have about this company and how they do not want to give your money back. Try to get a phone number and if is all fake, show it too.

Also place a formal complaint here
http://www.ic3.gov/ and inform 1World you have but do not give them the number.
Tell them you are also contacting local and International authorities about them
Tell them that you are going to expose them in every public forum you find if they do not return your money. Tell them you hope they go after you so you can find them with the police. Keep pressing.

Now, when a company has been legal for a while they will decide whether is worth to return your money before they get too much of a bad name or if the pressure in the forums is too great they will try to hide and go under with everyone else’s money.

That is how I did it. You can read my thread and what was written there so you can apply it for yourself.

For instance, type Capitalex.com and you will see the thread pop up instantly. Type capitalex.com and you will see they are gone, they even changed name but I do not remember it.

You can start reading about me and how I did it on page 27 I am abril10
there are 35 pages of complaints about this guys and how they disappear.

This is how I did it, good luck!

If you need any assistance contact me williama@mail2airforce.com:confused:
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