Ic Market scam on Oil transaction


This topic I'm talking about is one broker, ICMARKET which mentioned they are ECN by themself. But is that true?
I'm talking with you about my story. 4/21/2020 i have opened the short position for symbol XTIUSD, ( they mentioned it WTI Crude Oil Spot vs United States Dollar ) my volume is 16300 barrel with the price on this market is 11.83.
The first thing that makes me confused is that they got different prices for WTI and I can't find any chart of other brokers or tradingview. You can check it yourself and you will see that. It makes me think they can make the price change.
So now the problem appears when the price goes down to 5.76 . in a few minutes. and believe me you can't find that price on any broker except ICMarket at that time (4pm33 in 04/21/2020 UTC+7)
I'm ready to close my short position with profit around $99000
And you know what happened, They pause the oil market, then i can't close the position, the only thing i can do at that time is using Stoploss at $6 to keep my profit. But boom!!!
They waiting the price up and open market again. The gap appear and my stoploss is moving to new price 10.31 and i lost many profit.

In this picture below, first one is time market close for no reason , and you guy will see the gap at m15 and m1 chart, the green line on picture is dealmap, Anyone trade oil on Icmarket in 21/04 will see that problem,
IT's not the weekend, and other brokers such as exness, XM, Tickmill are fine at that time.
I have already contacted them, and you said like it’s the market problem, not their responsibility, And no more response from them.
I’m telling the story just want you guys be careful with this broker, for me they are totally scammers, THEY ARE THE REAL MARKET MAKER, DIFFERENT PRICE AND PAUSE MARKET AND OPEN GAP ANY TIME THEY WANT.
now it's 5/09/2020 and no response from them
( sorry for my bad english)
Any updates for your case mate ? I checked the reviews . ICmarkets claimed that they offered you a reasonable solution and it's current being discussed. Have you had any luck so far ?

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