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Instaforex is a scam and now they spam

Discussion in 'Spammers Hall of Shame' started by Karlo, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Karlo

    Karlo Banned spammer for InstaForex

    Aug 4, 2011
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    I don't know if I'm at the good place to post but anyway... I didn't bother to read the forum rules. I didn't bother to look through the website and see that InstaForex has it's own review page and forums discussion thread. I just posted my spam in the first place I found - the Current Forex Trading Signals. This shows that I don't respect FPA members. I'm just a scumbag spammer.


    I've been with Instaforex for 2 years. I'm very satisfied with the service and support. Last year before managing customer's accounts, me and my wife from Quebec Canada decided to go visit Instaforex in Kaliningrad Russia. In september 2010 they were about 80 people working there. Today they are over 140 people and you can see everybody on their site (instaforex.com) with their pedigree(wait a few minutes to see appear the team). They made us visit their office just the building beside mayor's place. Nothing to hide and they answered every question or doubt we had. At that time they had over 200 000 customers, today maybe over 300 000. Sure some mistakes may happen with a company of this size, but don't generalize...Anyone who went to the trouble to visit a broker's office would have gone to the trouble to post where the story wouldn't be considered to be spam. I hope nobody realizes that my story is a lie.

    They have servers in USA, Europe, Singapore, etc. Americans are forbidden to trade with Instaforex I heard recently; this could be why people complaint. For myself I keep through and I'm very satisfied. Long life Instaforex!

    Karlo the lying spammer is ignoring the fact that most of the complaints against InstaFraudex come from outside the USA.

    InstaForex - bringing you scam and spam.
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  2. Agboola Philip

    Agboola Philip Recruit

    Jun 17, 2011
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    Instaforex a green snake under the grass undiscover yet.

    I have two major area of consign as per instaforex.
    (1) A trade i just go into for some few minute to a hour, is charging me heavily in swap coloum.
    (2) I deposited 130$ in the Perm trader account for one month and half without profit. Perm trader in is analysis make me to understand that the profit on investment has canceil the bonus of 30$. I receive at the point of depositing 100$ in my account. At the point of withdrawing some amount from the account the 30$ bonus was taking from me. Meaning that they remove bonus fom me two times http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-forum/images/smilies/unhappy.gif
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