withdrawal problem

Ali Nadoom

i opened a silver account with them , after a a crazy lag and very slow trading server i wanted to withdraw they saidit is a one year commitment so i waited for a year to pas and then sent an emailto withdraw and i waited for few days then started to send emails every day and when i talk to the customer service they replay that an email is been sent and never got the email i had to chat few time till i got the manager name and i called him few times and he said that he'll call me back and never did i stopped emailing them few weeks ago .
so how can i get my money back i have over 4200 USD there

NEW : they asked for my bank info
and i sent the info
then a week later they asked me for my bank wire info again
and i sent it back again , they repeated that email for few weeks and am still waiting
after that some one contacted me he said will pay you 1000USD for now since you are not active
and in the end of this year you'll get everything
i said ok , its almost 31 days since that email and am waiting since 24/6/2011
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First of all its never a one year committment when you open an account with any of the Forex Brokers.
So there is no justification for waiting for one year for withdrawal.

Secondly all brokers allow you to withdraw as much as you like even the entire amount you deposited and available in your account at 24 hours

Refusal by Investtechfx to allow withdrawal and making excuses are signs of a Scam and Fraudulant company.



Did you get a bonus?

Because some brokers do not allow to withdraw any money until the end of the bonus condition
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Brigadier General
Normal brokers that give bonuses usually place a limit on withdrawals until a certain number of lots have been traded.

InvestTechFx prefers to lock clients in for a year at a time. The reasons vary, but that 1 year demand keeps popping up.

Now there's more than one person complaining that even after a year the money is stuck.