NRG Binary Question

I was able to withdraw some money initially also from NRG/Titantrade. They do this to gain my trust. They even offer money credited for the loss trade we made through the insured trade. Problem is when you try to withdraw more money than you deposit.Also, All the insured trade capital they added initially will be deducted when you make subsequent withdrawal.
That is my experience with NRG/Titantrade. Please be careful.

The honey trap
last time I 'll say it

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The trading server belongs to the scammer/broker, they have full access/privileges to create your very own fantasy land "private" account. They can make it appear that you are a "big" winner (or loser), and, of course, they can place "fake" trades on your account in order to empty it.

They can also, close the brokerage if there is enough complaints, and reopen another brokerage with a "different name" within 24 hours, using the "very same" fake server.

Then they have created a "new" company with "no" complaints, and scam even more customers, all over again.

And the worst part is that you don't know where they live, so you can't visit them to collect your money. But, they know where "you" live, and all your private information to create identity theft, whenever they please. Or they can sell your information to some other cyber criminal, and make a profit that way...