Please where can i find a Forex News Charts History?

Please can someone help me with the link to or how to find a Forex news Calendar charts and history, i mean candlestick history. I usually find it through this site but not anymore. Please help


Forexengine1, I think that you are actually seeking for market reaction on fundamental releases for some specific currency.You will need to take into consideration historical economic calendar and exact timing when news were released and to compare it with historical charts for exact period of time


It is really a great a thing to have a look at the news sources for getting good predictions most of the time. History of the charts has a huge importance as it matters a lot and it has influence on the mentality of the traders. You can find these sources on the google search engine quite easily. Thanks


Quinuiacl, it is easy said, but extremely hard to be done. Actually, I find that trading on fundamental news is most difficult way of trading. Have you already tried it? I would like to hear your experiences. Thanx


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I think it's a sort of mistakes to judge current forex trends using such things like that for example no matter what. You should take history of forex no earlier than like I do not even know....maybe 5 years ago and that's really it. Make up your mind please)


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Why do you even need such information, could you please let us know. Our latest research really show that it should not relate in any case of those anyway. No matter how hard do you try this. This stats are not relevant and doesn't matter.


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You can check investing or forexfactory app but historical data of news will not help. Market always react to recent levels. Previous levels, no matter how strong they are will not get such reaction as the latest levels get.