Recovery Room Scammers who spammed the FPA


Thanks a lot to the FPA team for all these great works you are doing. Of cause even if it is a way of doing good business but the risk involve and sacrifices are there for you to go through. You are doing your best for all of Us. Stay blessed, stay save.


Recovery Room Scammer
In Recent times I've been through hell and back and been left in a state of dilemma in the name of investing for profitable returns and without doubt I willingly fell into this trap by giving Ghost brokers all my hard earned funds In multiple transactions , and the outcome has been " I'm A BIG FOOL " by falling victim over over again No access to my funds nor the returns on it ...real crazy ..
In my quest to find a saviour who I can probably pay to get my money back or some lawsuit sort of which I'm very doubtful and skeptical about . I found out about PigHumper@PrimeStealMoreMoneyFromYou.Scam and their recovery expertise with series of positive feedbacks , testmonies and reviews they look very much real and when I got intouch with them I wasn't required to pay upfront and no fee has been requested so far except for their policy of getting Certain percentage of the money recovered ...this actually puts my mind at rest. The big question now is IS THERE ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY GOT THEIR FUNDS RECOVERED or it's a total waste of time ?

You are a scammer and a waste of time. Both the address you spammed into your message and the address you signed up from are already in the list of Recovery Room Scammers who spammed the FPA. Your mother must be very proud to have raised such a stupid criminal.