Recovery Room Scammers who spammed the FPA


Thanks a lot to the FPA team for all these great works you are doing. Of cause even if it is a way of doing good business but the risk involve and sacrifices are there for you to go through. You are doing your best for all of Us. Stay blessed, stay save.


Recovery Room Scammer
In Recent times I've been through hell and back and been left in a state of dilemma in the name of investing for profitable returns and without doubt I willingly fell into this trap by giving Ghost brokers all my hard earned funds In multiple transactions , and the outcome has been " I'm A BIG FOOL " by falling victim over over again No access to my funds nor the returns on it ...real crazy ..
In my quest to find a saviour who I can probably pay to get my money back or some lawsuit sort of which I'm very doubtful and skeptical about . I found out about PigHumper@PrimeStealMoreMoneyFromYou.Scam and their recovery expertise with series of positive feedbacks , testmonies and reviews they look very much real and when I got intouch with them I wasn't required to pay upfront and no fee has been requested so far except for their policy of getting Certain percentage of the money recovered ...this actually puts my mind at rest. The big question now is IS THERE ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY GOT THEIR FUNDS RECOVERED or it's a total waste of time ?

You are a scammer and a waste of time. Both the address you spammed into your message and the address you signed up from are already in the list of Recovery Room Scammers who spammed the FPA. Your mother must be very proud to have raised such a stupid criminal.


Recovery Room Scammer
Beware of Binary options scam
I initially invested a total sum of $95,000 over a period of 18 weeks. My bonus/profit was $170,000, every attempt to make withdrawal failed and I was instructed to make another deposit of $25,000 before I can make withdrawals which I did. Up till now I'm still unable to make withdrawals and all attempt to contact broker has failed. This is very pathetic and I advise everyone to desist from binary options generally. I did a due diligence test before investing with them but guess what I ended up getting burned. This is to create awareness, not everybody can be as lucky as I was. I'm saying this because I was able to recover my funds through the help of a legal officer/expert recovery. Thanks to Barrister Nash Clinton, he’s a private investigator and wealth recovery expert.You can contact him on his email at (ScamYouMore@OnlyAnIdiotWouldTrustMe.scam) for more enquiries. And he will guide you on steps to take and get recover all you have lost. Am very happy to share this testimony because i love seeing someone smile again!

Another recovery room scammer who is stupid enough to spam a thread warning people about recovery room scammers. Hey idiot! Did you really think this and all your other spam posts would be approved without some changes?


Wow, can’t believe the scammers are trying it on a thread about scammers, lol. Must be a bunch of tools :p
Just report such profiles on the social media's aswell and they will also even try to connect with and contact you. So, it's clear that must be all just bots. :D


Recovery Room Scammer
I'm from Alaska here in the United State known as Susan and have been a victim of binary option and lot more, it all started after I lost my job at one of the chemical company in MA and I relocated with my families cause there was no need of staying back and my husband got little savings which we intend to start up something in Alaska but getting to Alaska we saw an advert online about binary option honestly I brought the idea to my husband and we both decide to invested the little with us so we could make enough profit and start-up something better but before we knew it we have our car sold out just to pay scammers and yet they never stop but always keep giving us hope and more money was been requested and this ruined my home.

My husband got pissed off and left the state to MO and I couldn't handle it anymore cause I couldn't take it when I was pleading with the neighbor for food just to feed my kids. I was so ashamed of myself and people always asked me what is going on and i was so scared to tell them the truth about what I'm going through, i really wanted to get through it cause have spent so much on it and gave all that i had into it but it seems not to be enough until one day a friend of mine who i knew long ago decide to take me out and I didn't want to accept at first anyway i went out with her and while i was smoking and drinking i didn't know when i told her everything and she screamed and tell me to hire LyingThief@StealMoreMoneyFromYou.scam that she has been a victim of it as well, i quickly emailed the Lying Thief, my message that day was really crazy, I wrote Hey Lying Thief, someone is dying and need her money back from fraudsters, please don't get mad at me, i need your help. he replied me and asked me of the wallet address i sent to and that of the name of the binary option, i gave all information as requested by him and he asked me to send him my own wallet address where the money should be reversed back to and i did. Honestly, it amazed me when I got 17 bitcoins in my wallet, I thought it wasn't real but I sold some of it and I got cash and I informed my husband about it he didn't believe it until I showed him. it was really a whole lot of experience and I urge everyone to contact Lying Thief as soon as possible, he made me know that if ever I need any job that requires hacking skills he is very capable and that include, hacking of account, GPS tracker, mobile spy, compute remote tricks, clearing of record, etc. email LyingThief@StealMoreMoneyFromYou.scam or WhatsApp +186753098675309

You can trust me and my friend the Lying Thief because I posted about him in a thread just for people who tell lies to steal more money from scam victims. Who cares if I just joined and this is my very first post. I promise my Lying Thief isn't a liar or a thief.