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They have what is called Binary trade replicators. Who does the trading for you. After I deposited $1,000.00 . They promised that I can withdraw my money at any time. Sent them all my credentials, so I'd be ready to withdraw if I didn't see it as an "opportunity" . As I reviewed the account daily and saw the sporadic type of trading nearly 300 trades in a few days. the account went up about $65.00 but then dropped ever since. It made me nervous in the way they were trading, so I wanted OUT. Filled out the online withdrawal when it was $996.45. But they kept on trading. My Reps name : Laura Martin and Acct. Mngr. George West. He called me and offer some incentives, but I refused in an email. It's been nearly 2 weeks and no more phone calls, or live chats. They are Non responsive. Refusing to release my money. Just logged in on there website and see the money in my account
You need to do two things as fast as possible.

First of all talk with bank regarding thus issue and If you deposited via CC than as for charge back.

Second, send them one email and invite to this thread. tell them that if they cant answer here or direct to you than you can open court case against them.
Hi FX Warriory, Thanks for your input
My transaction was done by DC. He has been answering me direct by email. He states that the funds have been released and approved to be sent to my account, but he wants me to delete all my accusations/complaints from the forum first, then my money will be sent !
I told him no ! I have no proof that he will do that !
Reply from CT Options

Mr. West from CTO has been emailing me direct, but doesn't want to send me my funds until I remove my complaints/allegations . I told him no , Because I don't know whether this is true or not . And all this would have never happened if I wasn't ignored and my money sent back to me . So I told him once he sent my money back to my account I would immediately drop/ delete my complaints.
Not only that I'm looking to take further action and also alert others if Mr. West doesn't do what is right !!
Tell him to send your funds immediately. Let him know that if he doesn't you'll post the email messages where he tried to blackmail you into hiding the facts.

You can also let him know that your rank at the FPA is not sufficient to allow you to edit or delete your posts in the Scam Alerts folder. All you can do is follow up with evidence of blackmail or a statement that the issue has been fully resolved.
Update . I received an email this morning from Mr. West, stating that they sent the money.
Once it's in I'll inform you !
Has now been resolved

Thank you, FPA for your assistance ! I saw the money back in my account today. To be sure I called my make to confirm what I was seeing and they confirmed !!
It was placed back yesterday .
Thanks, Mr. West
But you cannot hold one's finance in prisoned and forced to prove your point . But I am happy that this is RESOLVED !!
To FPA Mediator

Mr. West of CT Options Binary asked that everything be deleted since I received my funds and am now satisfied ?