Resolved (Mostly) - An Open Letter to the CEO of MEXExchange

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thank you FPA..if there were something i could do in my capacity to contribute let me know...thanks


Well done Bill, clearly and succinctly put. This is really a very childish attempt by them to intimidate and bully .... it's not going to work here! Facts are facts - better get used to it!

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Posting threat of any form to a reputable forex review site like FPA is the stupidest thing I can imagine a broker doing. Although I don't have any needs for a new broker account in the near future, I like to express my respect and thanks to the FPA team.


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This thread is now one year old.

I had hoped that the people at MEX would take responsibility for their actions. Instead, their newest representative to the FPA has wasted large amounts of my time arguing that since he is such a great guy, I shouldn't worry about the actions of the people who pay his salary.

The FPA recently got a message from another lawyer about another forums thread about MEX. That lawyer said he was representing Naser Taher, MEX Group Worldwide Limited and MEX Fintech Limited. He demanded quite a few things be removed.

I informed MEX's new rep of the situation. He claimed that "Naser personally advised that he seeks peace with FPA and wants to keep it in a civilized fashion."

I suggested that Naser Taher should step up and fix the main issue, since neither Jacob Nel or Alan Droste seemed willing to do so. His response was "I agree that would be great for things to be cleared up , it’s probably best not to open old wounds so I’d like to keep it in a positive tone to help reach a positive outcome for us." In his next email, he indicated that the newest legal issue was not with MEX Australia, but with another branch of MEX. My reply is...

"You should keep in mind that it was MEX Australia that started the whole issue. It's easy to hide behind "not opening old wounds" when it's the MEX company you work for that inflicted the wounds.

I was hoping you were smart enough to comprehend that MEX Australia and MEX Group are all part of the same mess that was started by MEX Australia. I was hoping you were smart enough to understand that until action from the top is taken, this situation will continue to be escalated by some other part of the company. I was hoping you were ethical enough to make the requirement for actions to permanently resolve these issues very clear to Jacob and Naser. Instead, you continue trying to help them escape all responsibility. I'm deeply disappointed in you.

If the owner and the CEOs of MEX companies keep hiding from responsibility, then why would any trader trust any of the MEX companies enough to place money with them?

I'm attaching the original legal demand from MEX Australia's lawyer to this post. This way there will be no doubt that legal issues with MEX began with MEX Australia trying to hide the factual connections between various MEX companies and Ikon. The letter ends with a suggestion of discussion, but when I emailed evidence to MEX's lawyer showing factual connections to Ikon, he replied...

In response to your e-mail below, which replied to my prior demand letter dated August 14, 2017 (another copy attached), I have investigated this matter further, including inquiry with CLP Solicitors, whose October 25, 2017 letter to me also is attached. Unless there is prompt compliance with the August 14 demand letter, we will be proceeding with filing the lawsuit.

Please reply without delay to state whether you will comply with the August 14 letter or will require litigation.

Alan J. Droste

I'm very surprised that his further investigation of the matter didn't result in even one change to his demands. I provided more than enough evidence to him of links between Ikon companies and MEX. I'm not surprised that the lawsuit wasn't filed. The evidence I provided him was only part of what I had available, but it was enough to show that all the disputed items at the FPA were factual.

I'm disappointed that a full year after publishing an open letter to Jacob Nel, the CEO of MEX Exchange / Mex Australia, there has been no reply from Jacob or anyone above him. Instead, all I get are excuses about how Jacob, his lawyer, and his boss, Naser Taher, shouldn't need to bother to take any responsibility for using extreme legal threats to try to hide facts.


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