Stan NordFX

NordFX Representative
As I already wrote, this client's statement confirms that our actions have been correct.
The analysis shows that the overwhelming majority of his transactions were pipsing (scalping) and were carried out mainly on the pairs EURGBP and the EURCHF in a clearly selected low-volatility period of 23:00 - 00:00, which is characterized by inaccuracies and delays in quotations due to extremely low market liquidity and the server restarting process. That is what allowed the client to get a profit of 2-3-4 (rarely 5) points.

One can discuss all his transactions, but it is sufficient to just look at the latest ones, carried out on October 4, 2018: opening at 23:30, EURGBP, total volume of 8 lots, closing with a profit of 4 points. A similar strategy was used by him in the rest of the cases as well.
This client managed to find vulnerability of our software and took advantage of it.

We are categorically against such trading methods and that is why paragraphs 3.4.6., 9.4. and 13.6.3 were included in the Client Agreement, which clearly warn that the client’s transactions may be canceled in such situations.

Anatoly M

Private, 1st Class
1. I had every right to trade any of the time the terms of the agreement did not forbid me.
2. I had every right to trade any volume that I used in my trading and the terms of the agreement did not prohibit doing so.
3. I had every right to close trades with any amount of profit in pips and the terms of the agreement did not forbid me to do so. At the same time, many of my transactions were in the market for about half an hour about any delays in quotations here at all can be then speech ?? Also in the terms of the agreement there was no 1 point, which spoke about theminimum life of the transaction time in the market.


2nd Lieutenant
hum, high or low volatility so what ? let’s take a closer look into Anatoly M account history…

only TP no SL …excellent trading ! on the 4th oct, he made some 2000 usd profit, so what’s wrong with getting payed…tsss

btw, which true industry LP/ Bank provides 1:1000 leverage, evidently one is trading against the house here :rolleyes:


Глянул отчёт, как я понимаю, классическая торговля по маржинальным зонам. Никакого криминала.