Resolved - Tradersway India Scam

Manish D Pujari

I have invested 1000$ on 19th June 2015 where I was promised 1000$ bonus by the advisor Ms Nagma. This investment was done on a special condition that by no ways the bonus added should be removed or attached to certain terms and condition and it should support my equity. Tradersway-India advisor Ms Nagma agreed for this and I requested a written confirmation from the company about the acceptance of this condition and only on that ground I will invest. The advisor Nagma agreed for this and have written the email ( kindly refer the attachment).

I was happy as now I have 2000$ as equity and was least bothered about the loss due to strong equity. However on 30th June 2015 i noticed that my account was squared up from the equity of 1100$ to straight away 47$. I immediately brought to the notice to tradersway adviser Ms Nagma and she said she will get back to me after doing all the investigation. Now after several attempt to contact your adviser I am getting revert from Ms Nagma that I have reach the margin level hence my account was squared up and also that the bonus of 1000$ was not supporting my equity. Now this was a mis information given to me that bonus will not support equity as I was clearly told it will support my equity.
Now I have lost all my 1000$ just because of your fraudulent activity done on my account by withdrawing the bonus and squaring my account for no reason.
I have already invested more than 4000& with tradersway without making any profit and now I have duped by them further by withdrawing the bonus. I have spoken several time to the senior manager Aditya and they are not helping.
Send an invitation to every address you can find for TradersWay. Ask them to come to this thread and explain the situation.
Please note I was misinformed by advisor Ms Nagma that the Bonus will support my equity however it was not actually supporting and they withdrawn the bonus the moment I reached margin level on my principle amount of 1000$. Tradersway Advisor Ms Nagma has assured me several time earlier that the Bonus is supporting my equity and I need not to worry whenever I suspected it is not however she denied and lied in front of her senior Mr Aditya and said she never promised that bonus will support my equity. I would have never kept my loss deal open if the bonus was not supporting my equity because I was still having 1100$ equity and there is no way my account be squared up. please help
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The issue has been resolved now and I am taking back this case as Tradersway support team Representative Mr Aditya has called me post filing case in FPA and offered 500$ Tradeable bonus for my loss due to misinformation given and this is without any condition of completing the lots nor any duration or time limit set, also can withdraw the profit twice in a month, also change in my account manager. Initially I thought should not agree as I lost around 1100$ however later I agreed to accept the 500$ tradeable bonus and have requested them to send this agreement in writing which they have sent . Hence I decided to remove this case against Tradersway.
I am very Thankful and grateful to FPA member.
Regards, Manish Pujari
Good to know Tradersway has done "something" to keep you "happy". Now that you have your case "solved happily", it would be nice of you to stay on and be an active member of the FPA community.

However, on your "bonus" case, it's a very typical problem faced by many new Traders/Newbies who simply do not have full understanding of the Terms & Conditions attached with so-called-bonuses which basically are another form of increased Leverage.