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Hi everyone and thank you for reading my post.

In May 2016 I came to know of an investment opportunity with EU Trading Company through a presentation I attended in Singapore. Knowing a few people who had invested with them and were getting good returns, I invested USD $25,000 with the company.

A couple of months later, I attended another investment presentation, where I learned EU Trading Company in Singapore had been taken over by Vortex Assets Company. The local representative spoke enthusiastically of a new account Vortex Assets was offering – the Phoenix Account – requiring a minimum investment of USD $50,000. I decided to jump in as the profits looked great and after hearing positive things from a few of them at the presentation. I transferred another USD $25,000 into my account, which was upgraded to a Phoenix Account near the end of July.

Seeing how impressive the weekly trading was and how few losses there were, I decided to transfer another USD $25,000 into my Phoenix Account, making my total investment USD $75,000. This was early October. I was told I could close the account at the end of the year, which I had planned to do, along with the profits.

Next, I attended an informal meeting with the Singapore representative and several investors in early December to clarify our future investment plans. It was then I heard about another account being offered – the VTX Premium Account. I was told I could expect 20 to 30 percent earnings each month on my investment plus profits. We were told that the usual minimum investment for this prestigious account is USD $500,000, but only for December, Phoenix Account holders could transfer their investment plus their profits directly into the VTX. My Phoenix Account balance was USD $160,000 at the time, and feeling immensely satisfied with the Phoenix success, I upgraded my Phoenix to the VTX Premium, despite being told the investment lock-in was a year for VTX. We were told, however, we could withdraw our profits quarterly, with the first withdraw being allowed at the end of April 2017.

Around mid-December, I began to feel uneasy about my investment and concerned I could lose everything if things turned sour. You see, the USD $75,000 I have invested is my life savings! It was then I contacted Vortex Assets requesting closure of my account. What follows is a timeline of emails to Vortex:

1. 19 December 2016:

Requested closure of my VTX Account, asking if it could be converted back to a Phoenix Account and closed as I had originally planned. No reply.

2. 28 December 2016:

I sent the same request to another Vortex email address (Assistance). I received this reply the following day:

“Thank you for your email. We have received your request. Our team is taking care of it. We will update you as soon as it will be done.”

3. 5 January 2017:

I emailed Vortex asking if a decision had been made to allow me to close my VTP Account and my investment returned. No reply.

4. 13 January 2017:

I sent another email with the same request. I received a reply from Vortex Assets on 17 January stating that in order to remain fully KYC compliant, I would need to provide a colour copy of a valid passport and proof of address. The email finished with

“Once the missing documents are received, we will be able to finish processing your request.”

That same day, I sent colour photos of my passport and proof of address. The following day (18 January), I received an email from Vortex saying,

“We are checking the documents with compliance department and will update you regarding your request.”

5. 1 February 2017:

Hearing nothing back from Vortex for 13 days, I sent them another email, asking how long it would take for my account to be closed and my investment returned. No reply.

6. 6 February 2017:

I sent a repeat of the same email I sent on 1 February 2017. Vortex replied the same day, requesting proof of address, which I had already sent on 17 January. I sent them the earlier proof of address again along with two bank statements and another letterhead with my address.

Vortex replied to me the following day, saying,

“Thank you for your email. We are checking the documents with compliance department and will update you regarding your request.”

7. 9 February 2017:

I emailed Vortex again asking if my address confirmation has been accepted, as well as asking how long it will take for my account to be closed and funds returned. No reply.

For the record, I am not accusing Vortex Assets of being a scam company. However, I am deeply concerned at the time it’s taking to get any real action from them. I want my account closed and my investment and profits returned to me immediately. My current balance on MT4 is more than USD $500,000, which I am entitled to.

Beyond the profits, what’s at stake is my life savings, money I worked very hard for. I want my case resolved so I can move on instead of living with the gut-wrenching anxiety I have experienced of late.

Please help.


This is to give an update as to my situation:

Vortex Assets emailed me and have explained the forms I signed when I first joined them. The nature of the account is such that I am not permitted to withdraw any profits or close the account until 1 April 2017 (quarterly transactions). I misread some of their earlier emails, thinking a concession was given to allow me to close my account immediately. When this wasn't happening, I posted my thread.

In light of the explanation from Vortex Assets, my posting here has not been fair to the company, for which I apologise. I simply must wait until 1 April to close my account or to withdraw my profits and continue trading.

If this issue could be marked as "resolved" by the forum moderator, I would greatly appreciate this. Thank you.