Saudi Arabia's Jeddah oil depot attacked, crude oil reversed to close higher Brent crude oil rose nearly 12% this week


ACY Representative
The attack on the Arabian oil facility once again caused market concerns about global crude oil supply, which made crude oil prices reversed and closed higher on Friday (25th), and the price of Brent crude oil rose nearly 12% this week.

While the EU's inability to reach an agreement to embargo Russian crude sent crude prices lower, concerns over the supply side kept crude closing higher for the first time in three weeks this week.

Although crude oil rebounded last week, it fluctuated in a range as a whole. From the daily line, the Bollinger band runs in a large range of 123-95. Now the oil price is above the daily mid-track, looking at the 103-116 range, and within the day, from the four-hour line. , the oil price fluctuates in a range, the bottom pays attention to the 108 support, there is still room for decline in the form, the bottom first looks at 108, and the top pays attention to the 113 line