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Scammed and outplayed by eToro..

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by Yoala, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Yoala

    Yoala Recruit

    Jul 1, 2019
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    Hey everybody, i think i fell into an Trap named eToro...

    The other Day i thought it was an good Idea to just try out Trading, when i saw an Ad of eToro.

    I loaded my Account with 150€ via PayPal, all good so far. I started investing into BTC and won a bit, then i tried to pay it out, that did not work at all. Not in Euros nor into BTC Wallet. So then i invested a bit again and put Stop-Loss Option really tight, so i wont lose anything over Night. When i woke up the next Morning my invested Money was halfed even tho i did everything like recommended and it should stop it already.

    Also the Ad's said "almost no Fee while paying out!". When i explicitly searched the Fee's (they're well hidden), ive got an Shock, 25€ +/- 3€ Payout Fee!

    I have sent an Email to them, they did not reply for an Week.

    After waiting for an Week, i issued an PayPal Dispute. Today they tried to Call me from Berlin i guess, i declined because i need written Stuff to prove Conversations.

    After that failed Call they wrote me an Email saying my Account is banned and i'm lying about Intransparency, but they did not answer to that PayPal Dispute.

    Now i'm kind of insecure, i've talked to experienced People and they said what eToro is doing is everything on the Border of Legal Things...

    I'd need Help here, i feel played with and kind of scammed, baited by Ad's kind of.

    What would you Guy's say - was an PayPal Dispute the right Way to react in that Case?

    Btw.: Please excuse my English, im from Germany and not native speaking English. :)
  2. SoniNew

    SoniNew Private, 1st Class

    Nov 18, 2018
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    So the Step out didn't worked? Did you set up a rate or an amount.? Might be the you confused between the two?:confused:
    What did they say when you complained?
  3. FxMaster

    FxMaster Lt. Colonel

    Oct 17, 2011
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    First, follow the steps and if it's not worked then you can go with PayPal

    First of all, invite the company by using the invite company option to your thread. And if you are unable to locate the option then this thread "Tutorial: How to Invite a company to your thread." will help you to find out.

    Note: If you are new to FPA then invitation button will be enabled when your first post reaches 4 days old.

    Till then follow the below-suggested options to draw their attention on your issue

    Invite them to join this thread via email (Send an email to every possible address).
    Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat

    You will find their email and address here https://www.etoro.com/en/customer-service/contact-us/

    Also, Share your story as a review here http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/3731/www.etoro.com

    You can also share your story on their social media pages mentioned below:




: etoro, etoro.com

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