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Searching Seeking Advice: Best Broker for 1:1 Leverage

Help me find a company
This is because leverage is forbidden in Islam because it is considered a loan with a benefit, i.e. usury. This is because the amount provided by the broker is legally characterised as a loan, and the broker benefits from this loan with a conditional benefit in two ways: The first one: He requires the client to buy and sell currencies through him so that the broker can benefit from buying and selling commissions, so the contract combines an advance (which is the loan) and a sale (which is the brokerage for a fee)
Oh, that's an interesting perspective. I wasn't aware of it. However, some brokers offer commission-free trading, which might change the way this is perceived since they don't benefit from buying and selling commissions in those cases.
No matter what religion he is belong, I would happy to offer my help to anyone :)

Let me know, how can I help you?
could U read these 2 messages and then hit up our friend with an answer? tnx
could U read these 2 messages and then hit up our friend with an answer? tnx

1-i want to ask you that if there exist brokers offer the option 1:1 in leverage ?
2-or if there exist some brokers will accept this request?
3-and In particular the EXNESS broker?
Did you read about swap free account for Muslims?
That is a valid point for someone of your faith, I respect that, There are also brokers out there that charge no commissions and are swap-free. Wouldn't that solve the dilemma somehow?
yeah there are brokers out give us a muslims accounts charge no comissions and offer free swap but the leverage still exist
exness i didnt work with but i hear is no useful for traders. a lot of brokers usually do not allow change of leverage by trader but i know some brokers who do accept 1:1 and if you wamt more you can get 1:500 and even 1:3000 as much as you want from 1 to 3000
okay thank you for tha information
Did you read about swap free account for Muslims?
yes i know the problem is about the leverage i heard that there exist some brokers offer the option 1:1 in leverage but i did not find them and i am wondering aslo if i can trade without using it??and thank you for your help