SW1 Options Court Judgement

Billy Whiz

I invested in a Binary Options company SW1 Options Ltd. After building the account upto $38,648 I applied for a withdrawal. They have refused saying I accepted a bonus which I refuted. I have received 2 small withdrawals previously to test the withdrawal system.
I have since received judgement in the small claims court for the withdrawal sum of £10,000 plus £410 costs. Payment to be made immediately. Judgement was issued 19/07/2017
I have sent several emails asking for their proposals, they are ignored. One the office phone numbers is now dead and the main one never gets answered. I have a mobile number for my account manager, if that is answered he hands it to someone else. That person asks me to deposit an additional £6,000 and then they will allow me to liquidate the account. I repeated I want their proposal to settle the court judgement, he just laughed.

I know of 12 other people who are affected similarly, names and contact details can be provided. I am positive the list of people affected will run into hundreds and possibly thousands and the money into millions.
SW1 Options operate an 0203 tel no. which I cannot trace to a location, they operate a PO Box No. where mail is forwarded on, therefore making it almost impossible to trace where they work from.
The names of the people I have dealt with are:-
Daniel Parris my Account Manager
Gerald Gimes another Account Manage
Timothy Pinnock another Account Manager
Heather general admin
Although I have not had any contact with this person, he is the owner of the company,
Nicholas Alexander Hart.
There are many more employees, names can be provided if necessary.

SW1 contact details are as follows:-
Telephone Nos. 0203 514 7878, 0203 514 8770, Mobile 07377 080688
Address: Suite H0238, 269 Kingston Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 3NW

Several recent attempts to contact have failed. No on is answering my calls.
I attach email to my account manager, informing him of the Court Judgement.