Trader Scammer Anatasya & Davit Barateli


Beware of scammer!! Beware of scammer Anatasya and Davit Barateli!!


Founded Victims: 6 founded (From different country)

Me and my friend are trusted wrong people, evils... If you are so good in trading, why you harm people and destroy their dreams and their life?

Forex Scammer - Anastasya Lebedeva
Forex Scammer - Davit Barateli
Forex Scammer - Jarji Janadze

Their business facebook page Forex Account Management DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM TO BLOW YOUR ACCOUNT!

1. Forex Scammer - Anastasya Lebedeva

Born in 17 September 1995 stay at Tibilis Georgia or name Ani Berkalala or Анастасия Настенька or ანასტასია ბარკალაია married to Davit Barateli (Born 31st August 1992). Scammer who use her business account to do illegal activity, the page is now closed and now her original personal page also closed down. Email address

2. Forex Scammer - Davit Barateli Facebook Link

He choose to block me from his facebook page FOREX ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT because I follow up with him so to claim back my money, he is the main person planning all this scamming activity.

3. Forex Scammer - Jarji Janadze Facebook Link

The payment email address I used to paid for Forex School Fees USD1,200 on January 2017. From the email address and owner name, I can easily found this owner at facebook and also found this Anatasya facebook account which connected to each other. Mr Davit said they don’t know anything about scam, Wow that’s funny, well planner but you are leading people to dark side. God is watching you and your family.

And email address they used to send money back to me and then issue charge back with paypal Bobby Rigdon

This is their phone number +995555700029 Whatsapp

Be alert and do not deal with them when you saw them, blog will update until the end of the story or they pay back to all victims they had scammed.


You do realise that anybody can set up a fake name and pretend to be a man or woman on Facebook? You should never trust a random person to manage your money.

Before giving your hard earned money, you should ask for a track record of trades, MyFXBook and maybe meet them in person. Or better yet, learn for yourself as Forex is a life skill.