unfavorable comments about trading

What matters most is how you feel about trading. If it genuinely brings you joy, fulfillment, and the opportunity to achieve your financial goals, then it's worth pursuing. It's essential to stay true to yourself and have confidence in your abilities.
I am a kind of person that cares about what people say or think unfortunately.
but I should say that I like trading.
Hahaha. Once my mum said that I should stop with this “MLM thing” when she looked in the MT4 chart:))
I have just started trading, for now, alongside my job. But I'm considering quitting and focusing on it full-time.
Yes this is something I have also experienced. "They say its gambling and nothing will ever come out of it". Since then I havent mentioned it to them, BECAUSE " You dont see bees arguing with flys about why honey is better that sh**t
People will always judge. The main is not to judge yourself because of their opinion, do what you wanna do, operate your own vision and ideas, don't pay attention to those who say that it's a time squander or something like that. They will never have a power to start off in such a risky business, while you have already commenced, and maybe have good results Then why to stop at it? To please who? Nobody should be pleased in this regard, being selfish is the best way to sustain.
Still if you notice that you can't trade, you have only losses and within the certain period there are no results, it's better to leave.
When I was explaining to someone what trading is, he responded ,"I see says the blind man" RUDE
of course you will receive
it is not about trade only
everyone with every major will receive it
imagine footbalers artists actors singers authors and other careers
they all will hear bad
the point is that you need to ignore them when they are not right but sometimes you can't ignore them since you are actually losing and are not good in that field
in that times listen to them and take actions if necessary
Critics will criticize...
There's nothing surprising for me that some people treat trading as something unserious.
The main is how you treat trading. If you are passionate about it, you have results, you have gained skills and knowledge, then don't care at all.
Parents always question our choices in life, that is why they are parents, actually. They want us not to make mistakes they did in the past, thus sometimes when they try to warn you, they devalue your interests.
They aren't aware of what is trading and how it's interesting, so don't care and make your own way.