Unproven Allegation: HOTFOREX is a Market maker and Scam STP broker!

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with all respect sir . you didnt do what i do , i ask their LP and regulators too.

i am so happy sir .now the real investigation comes up . you done awesome work but you dont do what i was done. did you ask their Liquidity providers too? did you ask Barclays , BNP Paribas , Bank of America that is hotforex one of your clinets? did you? i afraid not.

the one who said one lie , can lie more.

i respect Fpa and his members. so we must end up our job with ask their LPs too.

do you agree?

best regards
The ones doubting that Ed-Forex and James are same person, I'll leave the reply to AsstModerator to deny it.
Clients Honesty VS Advertisement Money

I do not believe in democracy in replies to fake manipulated stories, I say what must be said because it's the truth, and whatever the consequences are.

I didn't expect that FPA will go to this downfall from members high rank to even AsstModerator just for the favor of advertisement money. Being the scammer hotforex lawyers is not suited for you.

James very optimistic about the live chat story while I believe that it's all fabricated.

I as a hotforex clients or was, scammer hotforex account managers refused to tell me the LP's names, replying that it's a secret they can't reveal they get special prices!!
Let the named DOMINIC from hotforex come here and say the opposite, what I said came from his mouth!!!

How Bill or AsstMod. was answered that fast about the LP names raises big questions?!!

Although, all this fake story means nothing because it lacks any legal proof not just by asking the LP's but at first because live chat trash does not oblige hotforex in anything, they even didn't announce it but AsstMod.!!
At worst, hotforex if not put blame on AsstMod. would say the employee mistaken in her reply.

The big challenge is scammer hotforex post the names of its LP's on its website, this is when things become legal.

Everything I posted on hotforex about how scammer hotforex scammed me are related to legal points while replies that cheer the broker have no legal meaning whatsoever.
Each FPA member and everyone reading my post judge by yourself about FPA actions differentiating a scam folder case from another and traders court case from another.

Here is the proof:

Anyone remembers the Syrian women scam folder case against ironfx, she said ironfx refused giving her money unless by same method of withdrawal, any trader knows that most brokers follow this same method for withdrawals(AML rule)

Trader deposits by card, must withdraw same amount by card, anymore would be by wire. That's plain simple, we all know about.

Despite all this, I stood with the Syrian women because ironfx knows Syria war problems and withdrawing to same Syria bank might be near impossible, and I gave her an advice how she can solve the problem.

But, this doesn't change the fact that ironfx hadn't break the AML rules, or at least the broker withdrawal rules.

Because FPA has problems with ironfx, many members accused the broker without telling the truth about the clear withdrawal rule I talked about. I was the only one explained that rule on the women ironfx scam case thread and gave a solution, not just condemn like others!!!!

Why this unfairness?, this shows lack of transparency of FPA.

Why my case against hotforex despite all proofs must not be raised from traders court case to open case then voting?? only because scammer hotforex is an advertiser on FPA while other brokers that some client come accusing it for a $100 or whatever amount and for ridiculous reason, the case get raised directly to traders court open cases, not even preparation one.

Not me not James are suspicious, FPA is the very suspicious in dealing with scam folder cases.

Ofcourse, this website is for FPA, can put any rules, remove cases raise others, remove members accounts, approve others but that will not change the fact of no honesty and no transparency in dealing with ALL scam cases that many traders are complaining about.
If I was in any country court will request to change the judge because he or she are unqualified to hold my case and give a decision for.

FPA is not qualified to make a decision in my case of raising it from traders court case to open cases then voting because it's involved in business with scammer hotforex, but since this is not a court and FPA can do whatever it wants to my case https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/fore...der/38176-hotforex-scammed-me-14770-25-a.html
I ask FPA to instantly raise my traders court case against scammer hotforex to the traders court open cases and for voting on it.

If FPA refuse for obvious reason of continuing protecting the advertiser scammer hotforex, FPA can do whatever it wants with it, left for FPA conscience!!!

I'll continue posting more facts and evidences against scammer hotforex on my thread if FPA even keep it not go mad in removing it too like its members angry replies when hotforex scam is talked about.
If judge get a gift from one side of a court. i don't know.

I think if bill realy want solve our problem ,he must email them and send this thread link to them , and if every thing was true and not fake,they will come here and just defend their name. we are grown up people . not a fool child!!!

why you act like child? ask hotforex for proof . i will be a first one who apologies for what i said. but i know , you and them will not send any official answer. i send email to their LP too , waiting for they answers.
The problem increase when the likes of Pharaoh who's known by all FPA members that he don't believe in regulators importance other than the US regulators CFTC NFA SEC and the FCA UK(I agree on that too), calling CySec, the islands and other regulators as useless with no influence.

But look who Pharaoh is defending now??

A broker of CySec and FSA Mauritius regulators!!!!!

Advertisement money changes main opinions and beliefs of some people!!!!
The problem increase when the likes of Pharaoh who's known by all FPA members that he don't believe in regulators importance other than the US regulators CFTC NFA SEC and the FCA UK(I agree on that too), calling CySec, the islands and other regulators as useless with no influence.

Finally agree with something that you say: CySec, the islands and other regulators as useless with no influence. FCA solved a problem I had with a broker , and now Cyprus " Maurityus " whatever the crap hole is that will never help you.
Do you think I don't know that Jones. But will that stop me from trying, never.

If everyone of us will not file complaints to whatever bucketshop regulators out there, scam brokers will spread faster continuing scamming more and more clients. With complaints scam brokers are spreading quicker than locusts!!!!

CFTC and NFA solved my cases against companies(not forex brokers) in less than a week, and that was SOLUTION, got my money fully.

The process with FCA was long through FOS and wait time...................I think it's very sophisticated but to a degree of maybe choosing the cases they find very important or being very philosophical in problem solving process. sign a paper, scan print it BS!!!!! and after some months we come back or might not!!!!

NFA is like here's your problem, this is the solution for it, no kidding. Full stop

Not like bucketshop regulators, the best I got from CySec was a no reply email confirming that they received my both complaints, the best got from FSA Mauritius!!! was the 2 words of -thank you- in next empty page after complaints filed!!!
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