Unproven Allegation: HOTFOREX is a Market maker and Scam STP broker!

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I expect you to do the same verification of liquidity providers for all the brokers you mentioned as having proof of being ECN or STP.

FPA members and internet readers can conclude from AsstMod. reply above the fear of getting info from liquidity providers that scammer hotforex does not take data from it whatsoever.

Moreover, why AsstMod. wants James to prove that all other brokers too have no LP's??

So, if there are million thieves in the world that give any person a reason to steal people money then when the judge ask why you stole, the robber replies go check the other robbers out there stealing too!!! What ridiculous idea and thinking are you promoting FPA and ASSTMod.!?!!

My case here is against hotforex not the world thousands of brokers.

If everyone does the same about each broker then we can cover most brokers who claim to be ECN/STP without posting LP's names on their websites.

It's not my and James job to cover all brokers, why hotforex? because my case is against scammer hotforex, I revealed that no LP's and that hotforex is pure market maker and James decided to help in contacting the LP's.

Why AsstMod. is turning it to a general question shows the suspicious status!!! and also trying to picture it that all ECN/STP brokers are not posting their LP names??? not just in a banner but in specific page on their websites many ECN/STP brokers do that and I can give names.......AsstMod. might go on and say but they might be cheating in posting LP names when there's no business with the LP's
OK Great! But at least any client, regulator and LP(involved) can sue the broker for doing so but without any names posted on their website but only useless live chats that have no legal value, the broker can not be charged for anything or of charged can run away easily without any punishment or simply say they are market maker, this is why they don't post their LP names.

Without an official banner and statement of LP's names on hotforex website, scammer hotforex is a proven pure market maker.
Posting a list of liquidity providers on a homepage isn't proof of anything. You two don't sound like you've been around long enough to realize how many forex company homepages are full of lies. Not posting liquidity providers on a homepage is a bad PR move, but isn't proof that there are no liquidity providers. Having liquidity providers doesn't prove a company is ECN or STP. A market maker can use liquidity providers to hedge itself.

You guys claim you want to prove HotForex is a market maker and a scam. This is your big chance to become the Liquidity Police. James posted a list of companies he claims proved themselves to be STP or ECN, but gave no real proof. Show me and everyone else here how the two of you can do real investigations to PROVE which companies really do and don't have liquidity providers. Of the companies which do have liquidity providers, show us all how you can prove which of them are and are not STP or ECN. I fully expect to see hard evidence from the two of you proving at least one company has no liquidity providers and at least one has liquidity providers and is ECN or STP soon. If you can do this, showing which companies are honest and which aren't will become easy. All FPA members will thank the two of you.

Or you can both keep claiming you've proven things without providing real evidence to back up your allegations. That will only prove that my decision to move your threads here was correct.
Thanks for proving me right again. Turning my case against scammer hotforex to a general one against all brokers and also want me and James to check ECN/STP brokers LP's claims if right or wrong hahaha

What's my problem with others?? NONE.

My problem is with scammer hotforex that FPA is defending for ADs money.

When my problem will be against X, Y or Z brokers I'll make similar investigation if they don't show LP names.

I am the victim, while hotforex is the suspicious and the criminal.

So, you ask the scammer hotforex to come here to prove me wrong, not suspiciously asking me to prove scam or not, not even hotforex but other brokers that have no relation to this thread.

FPA trying to picture it as if hotforex not posting LP names as a mistake is suspicious.

hotforex by its lawyers know well why hotforex don't post their LP names, because they can't be charged legally in this way. hotforex intended not to post any LP names because hotforex is a pure market maker or even worse, like you said AsstMod. some market makers "might" get prices from LP's while others have B-Books creating and modifying it all on their system and others use the virtual plugin software, all these hotforex does.

AsstMod. turns again to same posts full of words of empty legal meaning like ECN/STP brokers posting their LP names don't prove that they are really taking prices from them or following ECN/STP system etc

"Maybe"! but again from the legal point I and any client effected from the broker cheat and scam can charge it from not providing what it advertises for.

Staying in my case against scammer hotforex, since hotforex don't have LP's and since it claims to be STP in all its advertisments and marketing hotforex scam service, then hotforex cheated me, I bought a fake service that is market maker, implies hotforex must pay me for the losses.

Not forgetting too how hotforex broke its bonus policy by giving more than the stated bonus and broke also its margin policy. Actually, all hotforex policy is fake and manipulated, points contradicting others just like any other scam broker hotforex is.

Briefly, if FPA and Asstmod. what to show goodwill and transparency in my case, then invite hotforex here to defend itself, not being lawyer/s in the name of the scammer hotforex.

hotforex in the accusation cage and must be punished, until it provides LP names if any found!!! then tell us what LP was holding my open orders at that time and also how there was no liquidity and at what prices there was.

For showing any transparency, Asstmod. go ask hotforex to prove it's not a market maker, not me asked for more evidence because am the victim and provided so much so far, the criminal hotforex is the one that must be asked by FPA to come here and defend itself.

By then, it will answer you if there was another bonus program or not. Let hotforex defend itself, you don't know that's stated in law??!

You are asking just the victim not the criminal- who most questions must be toward.

That proves what a suspicious judge you are!!!

You can take my post a reason to remove my thread here or ban me, anyway changing my thread subject to conspiracy theory shows that you are a judge of one side that's the criminal side.
Read more carefully Ed. You and James have both claimed proof of which brokers do and don't have LPs and which are and aren't STP/ECN, but haven't provided anything but some homepage claims by a few brokers. The two of you made the accusations, so it's up to the two of you to provide the evidence.

AsstMod has given the two of you a big chance to redeem yourselves. Provide real proof for only 2 brokers, one bad, one good. You get to pick from those James already mentioned, so you can research HotForex first.

We're all waiting to see what you and your buddy can or can't prove.
Hey Pharaoh, advice to you, read more carefully my whole thread and other scam cases especially the ones of many pages before replying with off base comments!!!
I never said that will prove anything of what brokers are or not ECN/STP, simply because my case is against scammer hotforex not all brokers in the world as Forexpeacearmy suspiciously suggesting.
James who's not known where he is now?? If Forexpeacearmy prevented him from posting again, he offerred his service of proving that the liquidity providers Forexpeacearmy and AsstMod. in their job of protecting the scammer hotforex for ads money reason posted a doubtful live chat mentioning liquidity providers.
After James contacted the LP's he had an important answer that add to hotforex scandal but Forexpeacearmy removed the availability of attaching files to posts, the same thing that Forexpeacearmy had done for my account and possibly prevented James from posting again. I feel with you FPA, the truth hurts the liars.
Again, you Forexpeacearmy and hotforex are in the investigation and accuation cage, not me the victim who's case against hotforex and when Forexpeacearmy asks for such demands Forexpeacearmy proves for the whole world that it's taking the side of the scammer hotforex instead of being a real judge with neutral opinion until both parties of the case are investigated not one side that is the victim while the criminal hotforex is hiding protected from Forexpeacearmy!!!!

The whole world readers following my case against the scammer hotforex are waiting for Forexpeacearmy to show the least transparency and credibility dealing with my case as obliging hotforex to come here and defend it not Forexpeacearmy defending it!!!
Lets see how Forexpeacearmy will fail in doing this too after changing my thread name and putting it in forex insanity, all for in favor of advertising money Forexpeacearmy getting paid by scammer hotforex!!!!
So far, neither you nor your co-conspirator James have bothered to submit evidence proving a single broker really does or doesn't have an LP.

If you are having problems attaching images, there's a way around this so easy even you and James could do it. You upload your image to any of over a hundred sites that host images. Postimage, Tinypic, Imgur, Flickr, etc., etc. Dozens and dozens of these are free.

You post a link to the image. Here's an image with a link:

http://www.burningshadow.dk/Galleries/Facepalm/Facepalm3.jpg - click on it and the image is visible.

Or, if you want it to display here in the forums, put it inside of IMG tags (Begin with IMG End with /IMG Enclose both in square brackets). The image below is not an attachment (but is a commentary :p ). Its just the link enclosed in IMG tags.


The whole world is watching you and James make claims and provide no evidence. The time for excuses is over. Provide evidence or go someplace that doesn't care about evidence. I recommend closing this thread if you or James don't get something resembling useful evidence posted very soon.
The whole world had already seen forexpeacearmy scandal in protecting the scammer hotforex and asking irrelevant questions far of any relation of my case against hotforex.

Can't you get it!!!? My Case is against hotforex not the all brokers, I have no reason and no intention to provide any proofs that other brokers have or not LP's, I proved that hotforex is scam, have no liquidity providers and a market maker cheating clients into advertising that it's STP. That's enough for my case.

forexpeacearmy asking me to prove other broker have or not LP's reveal forexpeacearmy scandal.

It is as if forexpeacearmy saying, hotforex is scamming clients by claiming to be STP without providing the liquidity providers names on its website for it to be official, so anybody can charge it but HEY Ed, in order to better prove hotforex scam, make researches of other brokers that claim to be ECN/STP, check if they post LP names on their website then contact every LP to check if that's true!!!!!!

Don't you forexpeacearmy feel ashamed of yourself in front of the whole world asking such suspicious out of subject questions!?!

forexpeacearmy tell the whole world were you had hidden the screenshot icon that james and me were using to upload files.

And, forexpeacearmy are you really optimistic of cheating all readers by saying that james didn't bother to come again here when he was very active, and had proofs of hotforex scandal??
We all know forexpeacearmy preventing him from accessing his account just as you clearly in fear asking for this thread to be closed.

forexpeacearmy pharaoh can continue proving his unqualified judge feature by asking me again and again questions not related to my case against scammer hotforex, like to provide evidence that other brokers are scam too!!!!!, this proves to the whole world forexpeacearmy suspicious bad judge position.
This thread was started by James. He claimed he could prove HotForex had no Liquidity Providers and that other brokers did. James failed to provide proof. Ed_Forex willingly joined this thread. He has also provided no proof to verify if any broker does or does not have liquidity providers.

The OP and the only person to support him have failed to provide any real evidence to back up their claiming HotForex has no liquidity providers. Additionally, no proof was provided showing any broker does have liquidity providers. Ed_Forex claims he can't upload screenshots. Pharaoh has clearly explained how to post links to images hosted externally to the FPA and also showed an example to prove that his method works. Ed_Forex also refused to provide the evidence needed to support his own claims against HotForex and claims he doesn't need to prove anything in this thread.

I am left to conclude that neither of you have any method to verify which brokers do and do not have liquidity providers. All claims made in this thread are unsupported by real evidence.

Because of this, I am now closing the thread. The only scandal here is how I let this go on so long before locking down the thread. Unless James uses the Contact Us link to let me know he's ready to present evidence, this thread will not be reopened.
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