Unproven Allegation: HOTFOREX is a Market maker and Scam STP broker!

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I'm glad to see this thread has been moved to a more appropriate place.

I think that being well-regulated is important. My only firm faith is in US, Swiss, and UK regulation. ASIC is showing some signs of improvement. The jury is still out on New Zealand (but what I've seen so far doesn't look promising). Cysec has been asleep at the switch for quite some time, but lately has finally started slapping some brokers with fines. I still don't trust Cysec regulation, but if they continue to upgrade their actions against bad brokers, my view of Cysec will improve.

I would like to point out that there are under-regulated brokers which are ECN or STP. There are under-regulated brokers which do not have a reputation for scamming clients. I personally recommend going with a well-regulated broker, but this is NOT the same as a blanket condemnation of all under-regulated brokers as scams.

It would be nice if all brokers with LPs would list those on the homepage. Since the information appears to be readily available by asking a live chat agent in this case, and since I know of no regulator which requires this information be placed on the homepage, I think that HotForex's not having it on their homepage is a simple public relations mistake.

I'm waiting to see if any live chat agent for any broker can with just a few words in chat prove that a broker is ECN or STP. If someone can show a live chat where indisputable proof is offered, please post it here and educate all of us.

I've even stepped in and explained to clients of scam-rated brokers that certain specific situations with those brokers were not scams. Believe it or not, some people can lose all of their money from their own actions before a bad broker has a chance to play any tricks. Does this mean that Ed or James will accuse me of supporting those brokers?
I do not believe in democracy in replies to fake manipulated stories, I say what must be said because it's the truth, and whatever the consequences are.

I didn't expect that FPA will go to this downfall from members high rank to even AsstModerator just for the favor of advertisement money. Being the scammer hotforex lawyers is not suited for you.

James said other brokers's chat reps told him who their LPs were and implied that HotForex didn't have any. I decided to ask the same question of HotForex's live chat. Is there some reason you are against checking facts?

James very optimistic about the live chat story while I believe that it's all fabricated.

The only thing "fabricated" about what I posted is that I didn't join the chat as Bill. I used a different name. I wanted to be 100% sure that no one at HotForex was warned to watch out for me dropping in and asking questions.

I also asked FxMaster to have the same conversation with a chat agent. I'll ask him to post his results in this thread too.

I as a hotforex clients or was, scammer hotforex account managers refused to tell me the LP's names, replying that it's a secret they can't reveal they get special prices!!
Let the named DOMINIC from hotforex come here and say the opposite, what I said came from his mouth!!!

How Bill or AsstMod. was answered that fast about the LP names raises big questions?!!

The only question I see raised is why your account manager didn't want to tell you. Try the livechat yourself if you think the answers were specially made for me.

Although, all this fake story means nothing because it lacks any legal proof not just by asking the LP's but at first because live chat trash does not oblige hotforex in anything, they even didn't announce it but AsstMod.!!
At worst, hotforex if not put blame on AsstMod. would say the employee mistaken in her reply.

The big challenge is scammer hotforex post the names of its LP's on its website, this is when things become legal.

Everything I posted on hotforex about how scammer hotforex scammed me are related to legal points while replies that cheer the broker have no legal meaning whatsoever.

I leave it up to you to investigate if HotForex really uses those Liquidity Providers. While you are at it, check all the other brokers James mentioned. Don't just believe what may or may not be posted on their websites. I've seen companies claim to be partnered with major banks that they had no relationship with. If you wan to be the Liquidity Police, you need to carefully check the claims of more than one broker.
Well, for those who are pointing Finger on AsstModerator and Pharaoh, I would like to ask them a question that what do you know about them?

They are helping people since 2006 and they are doing it very perfectly.

Now come to your question, I did the chat with hotforex too and here is the chat result.

Hotforex Chat History.jpg
Well, for those who are pointing Finger on AsstModerator and Pharaoh, I would like to ask them a question that what do you know about them?

They are helping people since 2006 and they are doing it very perfectly.

Now come to your question, I did the chat with hotforex too and here is the chat result.

View attachment 18726

They are not helping people for free, they get paid as any other job, where advertisement huge money is going then?!!

I help people for free, no cent taken.

Big difference if you get it!!
Before FPA claim that the live chats with hotforex are not fake, have transparency in not editing my posts, I can't post on my thread without AsstMod. have to moderate it!!

What are you afraid of?? The Truth

That's the real fear of not straight forward but manipulated people.

Live chats mean nothing, it does not have any legal value, fabricate as much as you like.

Without the broker posting it on its website clearly, nobody can charge the scammer hotforex later on.

This is how a Real ECN/STP website look like(the LP's part)- Hey FPA prevented me from attaching screenshots too!!

Anyway, Go back page backward and see my post showing a screenshot from a respectful ECN/STP broker LP names clearly shown on site main page.

AsstMod. talks contradict his actions, he says cancels brokers contract and oblige them to participate in their scam cases and reply.

Tell me where is scammer hotforex reply, a single dead reply confessing that it will not participate and case is closed.

What if optionrally representative did the same??? He solved many cases despite still many are not solved and I don't care if the broker is scam but the fact he's working opposite of scammer hotforex.

I post over 100 posts in my thread showing many proofs of hotforex scam while scammer hotforex post one post and you ask me for more evidence?!?

What about scammer hotforex??

If was in court for a case against hotforex, the scammer hotforex will send an email to the judge that this is their reply and the case is ended, they don't want to participate on court sessions!?!!
nice , is there any body knows why i have been block to see scam alerts folder??
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what mess , i got an email and proof that hot forx have not any relation ship with citi , Barclay , and credit sussie . i cant attach any pic or send any thing . what are you doing people??

All new posts in this folder are moderated. If you make new posts which are civilized, they will be approved. If you make any more attacks on FPA members, you will be banned. Don't bother to try to blame this on advertising. I've had to ban people who were opposed to some very bad brokers when they viciously attacked anyone who wanted to verify the facts.


Your thread is here now, as is Ed's. If you have further need of the Scam Alerts folder, use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

what mess , i got an email and proof that hot forx have not any relation ship with citi , Barclay , and credit sussie . i cant attach any pic or send any thing . what are you doing people??

When you reply, select "Go Advanced". You can then scroll down and find where to attach files.

I expect you to do the same verification of liquidity providers for all the brokers you mentioned as having proof of being ECN or STP.
First of all , mr asstmoderator , show me an any body else that i have a uncivilized act. their are some body else who told me that me and ed-forex are the same , the way that you act is very bad because the brokers never and ever come here again to answer their clients , you make a fraud and scam so easier in FPA when you act like a HOTFOREX asstmoderator in FPA , last day you block me to attach any thing , block me to send private massage , block me to even see other part of site , then you came here and tell what shall i do and what is uncivilized action is? show me how and when i attack real FPA members? they told me i am fake and i defend my self with same tone. you change my threat as theory now i have very very powerful proof but you moderate my posts , i am not sure you accept my emails and phone call when you see and hear them . i am sorry for you sir , deeply. your act is so suspicious because their was no reason to block me like this. you made reason from your self. their is a fear out their that my post maybe see with these new proofs, people will judge you. your act push brokers to dont answer people
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