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After i send request to withdrawal my profits, VitalMarkets block my account, close LiveChate on his website and didnt response to my emails. VitalMarkets maybe think that im only another trader (of 95% traders who losing money) and they didnt send my trades to real market. Before they blocked my account they changed market conditions (i have all proofs). My email:


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Usual scam action by Vitalmarkets scam broker when clients make profits and ask for withdrawal.

You got no email whatsoever from the broker giving a reason for the account block?!

If it's regulated somewhere, file a complaint instantly. Besides, since the deposit was just less than 2 weeks ago, check if you can get back your deposit via skrill.


VitalMarkets ltd scammed me !!


I have exact same situation. I have opened account on 10.09.2014 and traded on it till 18.09.2014 about 7pm GMT they have disconnected me from my account and it was saying “Account Disabled”. Then next day on 19.09.2014 they have send me a not funny email saying “Due to a misuse of the service provided by our Company, we are forced to terminate the current contract.” And They haven’t wrote what exactly I have done wrong. (I`m attaching the Contract Termination in pdf). Due to that Contract termination they had rejected retroactively ALL MY TRADES. I have traded couple of systems there, scalping, hedging and longer lasting trades also but they deleted them ALL and offered to give back just the initial deposit ! I don’t agree to make any retroactive correction to my account and deleting already made trades on my account ! I would agree if they would terminate my contract and don’t want me trading with them but I won’t agree with changing trades that were made in past !

I won’t leave it like this. I want all my profits ! Brokers can`t just delete all of trades b/c they don’t like them !
I wrote them 4 emails already but they don’t answer my questions and demands. They just wrote that If I want my initial deposit I have to fill some form that’s all. Nothing about deleting those trades etc.

Please help me an advice what else I can do ? Claim a complaint to regulators ? They are regulated under NZ.

Wojciech T.

contract termination that they sended to me:
View attachment Contract Termination.pdf

my trading statment:
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Why don't you guys file FPA court cases so we can look into it so they might branded as scam?

Because to file a case to the FPA court I have to "Visit our Review Database and submit a 1-Star review for the company with the explanation of your case."

I have done it yesterday and still waiting for accepting it. I will file a case to court immediately after it.



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You don't need for it to be accepted. The moderator has lots to do so this may take some time. Since you did submit it, it's done. On the FPA court submission application, just state the date and name and link to this thread and that's it. Make sure you copy the text you write in the explanation to the clipboard before submission as submission gets technical difficulties sometimes.


So basically you both have account with same broker and you both got scam with them same time ?

I`m not blaming you that you are wrong here but its looks strange :(

Now come to solution,

Did you send invitation to them to join this thread ?

IF not then go and send them invitation first.