WWM cheat and tricks me!! No pay back my money


I think there is a lot people using World Wide Markets with FCA license number : 604779 . They might be good in responding and processing request. But, they are not honest. I traded in this company based on guidance from my teacher . My account still have balance USD 24k+ in August. Previously, I have tried to withdraw all my fund included profit earned from trading in the month of June. The company persuade me to withdraw only profit in June , and continue trade with my deposit until august 1st. I agree with them because i trust FCA forex companies. When it come to august and I try to withdraw, World Wide Market was denied to process my balance withdrawal. They suspended my account for investigation and request me provide document for them to process. I have provided them and waited until 31 August. Lastly, they terminated my account and no paying back my balance money. It is not a small amount. Furthermore, they also claim I owe them money . This is unreasonable. If they don't like the way i trade, they should inform me from beginning. I cannot control market direction or movement and also whether i will earn money or lose.

They couldn't bear the loses, then use my money to claim back their company loses. Is this a proper way?
there is never had any company do this to me before this. Only WWM do this to me. My account was traded under NO DEPOSIT BONUS or other requirement, only normal live trading account.

I have make complaint to them and they not even bother to reply me anymore. I also seek help from FCA , then i found out my account was not place under FCA during register with their company. I am wordless, they trick me. From the moment i register my account with them, i have double confirmed with WWM customer service to ensure my account was governed under FCA regulation. Now, the answer i receive is my account not under FCA and I cannot get help from FCA to get back my balance fund 24k+!!!!!!!!

WWM is a SCAM brokerage firm. SCAM........
Those 2 member also opened account in WWM. They are my relative and friend. We follow our forex educator recommendation to register account with WWM under FCA license.