youtube processing


I feel like a mother. I give and I give and they take and they take. get that image out of your head.

I've been trying to post a vid for y'all for over half an hour and it's still 'processing'.
Since I stay up to date about tech stuff and I know about programming, it's either my vivid imagination or the cold hard (sorry) truth about what's actually happening.

Google had to have official porn experts.

Porn is one of the only things that can't be shown on youtube, and that means they must (digitally) process frame by frame for naughty bits.
Now that doesn't mean that if you vengefully want to post vids of your ex's naughty bits that some dude will see it.
What it does mean is that some dude was paid to look at a whole bunch of naughty bits and write a program to distinguish the visibly identifiable parts of naughty bits from not-so-naughty bits.
I also imagine that there'd be a lineup of dudes to take this paid job for girl naughty bits, but I imagine you had to get volunteers to digitally process and make algorithms to identify male naughty bits.
I wouldn't take that job, and I definitely wouldn't say to a female coworker that she has to make algorithms to identify male naughty bits in uploaded videos.

Anyways...I think this is cringe funny, not funny funny.

The only thing that makes me feel better is that they probably cross-reference with a bunch of non-porn copyrighted material. Maybe they go off of audio, but I doubt it, because there are way too many lame anime-to-MV MV's on youtube.

What are you complaining about? They call it the Mess hall here...


Just for tonight I want to complain about how slow my internet connection is. Grrrr!