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    BForex Scam

    BForex ripped me off of almost 100k$ winnings. Everything seems fine until u try to withdraw money! that's what happened with me few years ago when I first lost my initial small deposit then backed it up with a second and larger one and scored around a 100k+ with a few winning trades. My account...
  2. M

    BFOREX made a biggest oragnized fraud of $26,200/-

    Dear all I would like to request you please dont invest with bforex. they are totally fradulent company. They successed to grabe $26200 from me through their Accounts Manager Ms. Forum who donot know even the forex market and pretedning that she is an expert. I paid through my debit / credit...
  3. T


    Every Day from Monday to Friday this people call me and give me signal of the Market . I have invested 200$ and now is 1000$ . Now when i try to withdraw the money i am not getting the money
  4. D

    Bforex transaction (Withdrawal USD 829.15) - Never Remitted

    CASE DETAILS: Withdrawal USD 829.15 from bforex trading account was done on August 2013 and from then onwards I have been trying my best from my ICICI bank to bforex, I have a serial and trail of all emails. bforex after several grievances and petitions had provided ARN numbers on email, and...
  5. A

    Bforex closed all my postions without my knowledge..

    and they make my account zero after I got 118k $ and I want to file a complaint or case against them.. but still checking where to.
  6. T

    Lost money in my acount when position was closed

    I joined bforex as a first time trader with a promose that I will be taught. They insisted that I deposit money as soon as possible. I deposited $150. I experienced a lot of technical problems with their software to add to the problem my network reception was not so good. My account had $323.76...
  7. F

    Bforex Scam !!!

    how could i retrive my money back from Bforex please advice ?
  8. B

    Bforex how recovered my money?

    Hello, I am registered with Bforex recent months, and for over a month I try to get my $ 500. But the broker answer me when I get to have that "yes" and 5 minutes after I said no it's a bonus. Outside is a lie and it makes me sick, because of the advice I lost a lot of money, and I want to...
  9. S Scam

    I want to put my case of SCAM against BFORX.COM, they continuously made calls to me to open account, and i believed on them and i deposited 500USD by VISA Credit Card, at 19 April 2011, from 3 or 4 days they are not connecting to me after many reminder e-mails but to day from PROfit Platform my...
  10. A

    Money not refunded by bForex trading company

    I had opened an trading account with bforex on August 25th 2016 with $200.00 and was assured that bforex representative will contact me regarding training on foreign exchange for about 1 and a half month, but till 14.09.2016 no one approached to me from bforex. So I decided to withdraw my money...
  11. P

    Bforex took my money

    I had signed up with bforex a month ago and invested $200 as advised by them. As promised by them, an agent was assigned to me to guide on the trading on a daily basis. My profit went up to $1000 within 15 days. But to my surprise, one day it was noticed that bforex had withdrawn my money and...
  12. K

    Got cheated by bforex trading site

    Hi, I have been trading for almost 10 months in site and got cheated.There were 2 people who were handling my account and both of them had the same tactics of making people believe their words blindly. infact whole company is like that. They kept asking me to transfer the money when...
  13. V

    Bforex ---Scam

    hi, i start trading in forex with Bforex on 12th July and invested 2300 $ in 3 installments. i could reach upto 8000 $, then i put request for withdrawal on 1st August'16, but i'm not getting proper response from bforex representatives. AS of know the balance is 5931 $ in my account. pl help me...
  14. M


    Hello i started Forex trading with Bforex in July 2015 with an initial 200USD which subsequently I top up to 13500 USD within a three week period . after about a month i decided to withdraw 15000 USD which they paid in two installment of 13500 and 1500 usd AFTER THIS ,I started another trading...
  15. A

    Bforex scam

    Hi borex are cheaters please help Bforex team are threatening saying they will deduct rebate amount from my equity balance. My account manager Ravi and krunal have not provided me sufficient information of rebate please look into thin now they are threatening to deduct rebate am out from...
  16. R

    Bforex fraud people

    Following people claiming to be associated with Bforex are 100% fraud. 1) Dhaval Churi 2) Leena Narsule Email of Dhaval Churi doesn't exist that is I made deposit which Bforex is not refunding. I requested for refund of deposit only. It seems that Bforex is frauders chain...
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    Scared of scam - BForex

    What can i do, i have join bforex company before i no of this group How real is this company and what do you advise i do
  18. S


    Hi, My name is Shaheen, trading with BForex for the last 6 months, deposited around $32000 and lost all the money. So can u pls help me to recover the money
  19. C

    Bforex scam

    I was scammed by Bforex. They have persuaded me to deposit money from my credit card which worth a total of 2,200 USD. When I have read this site I decided to withdraw my money from them because they have told me that I can withdraw the money anytime. But until now I have not received any...
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    Bforex Scamm

    Bforex is Big Scamm eating money of their trader.