Shahzad Minhas

I want to put my case of SCAM against BFORX.COM, they continuously made calls to me to open account, and i believed on them and i deposited 500USD by VISA Credit Card, at 19 April 2011, from 3 or 4 days they are not connecting to me after many reminder e-mails but to day from PROfit Platform my Equity Account is showing -ve and the charting room of BFOREX.COM is not connected.

If i login with different e-mail, then they are showing active and providing support.

How can u help in this regards

Shahzad Minhas
Sometimes these things can take a few days. Give them one final chance. If they won't reply to you or fix the problem by Thursday, contact the fraud department at the bank that issued your credit card and ask for a chargeback.
That's just another of those little details that people overlook before sending money to a company.

why bforex has still keep looking people who will trade with them?
Actually a new candidate victim is me. Just now bforex (tom edwards) just called me and ask me me to open account. Lucky..i havent opened yet and try to find any information about this company. And i saw many victim in a cople years has been caught into thier trap. Why this things still happend until now. Is there any act to take them to the court???
What's needed is for victims of bad brokers to file fraud complaints. Those who fund their accounts by bank wire or credit card need to ask their banks about the best way to do this.