4runnerForex is scam.


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I am not good at English because I am not native speaker but I would like to tell Forex Peace Maker’s reader what happen to me using forex broker that is called 4runnerForex. Please read my story and help me regardless of my poor intelligence. 4runner that is managed by FXsystems ltd is criminal broker. I deposited 5290US dollar I opened swap-free account at 4runner and I started to trade. In this broker I opened position one time. I have had short position AUD/USD on February 2012. I was intent to have long time. About on 6 March 2012 I got profit they stopped email me daily confirmation. ( So now I have just evidences I got only 159.22 US dollar profit but I got 4432.42 US dollar profit) On April 2012 position had profit and I closed my position. I decided to withdraw money with profit but no answer from broker in term of 2 weeks. I was worry about withdrawal and I send ticket many times to send me money but they keep ignoring my ticket. After three weeks they send me my Liberty Reserve account but money amount to 5290US dollar I deposit a month before. They didn’t send me profit that is 4432.42 US dollar. And they cancelled my account. I could not open Metatrader and could not confirm detal. I open ticket complaining but they keep ignoring again and could not access 4runner’s home page from my computer in home. Somebody please help me.



If you haven't done so already, leave a 1 star review for them.

Send an email to every address you can find for them. Include a link to this thread. Let them know that you will update the thread and let everyone know if they pay you or if they keep your money.

If that fails, open an FPA Traders Court case.


Call me a skeptic, but I this all smells a bit fishy to me. Polinky says he doesn't have any proof of any of his claims, well I have traded with 4runner for almost 2 years and am able to save reports from MT4 anytime I want, I do this every day that I have trading activity for my records. Furthermore, I have been successful (at times) and made profits and was able to withdraw them just fine with no hassles.

This seems to be like there is more to this story than Polinky is letting on....