4xp.com bogus withdrawal system



This is the email i recieved from 4XP -

Dear valuable client,
Forex Place Limited (the "Company"), hereby notify you as follows:
The Company has received an immediate and surprising cease order, issued by the British Virgins Islands FSC, ordering the Company to cease its trading services operation. The Company has applied to the FSC against the order, and is considering other legal venues to renew its operations.
Due to the above order, banks and other financial institutes have frozen the Company's accounts. Furthermore, the Company's funds with liberty Reserve have being frozen as well, due to the procedures filed against Liberty Reserve and its officers.
As mentioned above, The Company is making efforts and taking actions as necessary in order to have the FSC order cancelled, and negotiates with its banks to have its Accounts reopened. According to professional legal advice provided to the Company, such actions shall take a few months at least. In the meantime, the Company must honor the order.
Due to the above, the Company is currently unable to process deposit and withdrawal requests, until further notice. The Company hopes such notice shall not take long.
As you well know, the Company has always been proud of its honesty and integrity. The Company trust that you understand that the events are beyond our control and cooperate with the Company's efforts, and we regret any inconvenience caused.
Forex Place Limited