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Here is a broker who actually said is regulated it is a big talker and never take action. I personally thought by good reference of some people maybe I let to be have a good broker after all they seems good people to reference you a broker they trust I personal hate the fact to believe they really willing to help but I never knew my stupid trust of people with binary options let put me again in a corner I honestly think it is not work out to pick a regulate broker or no regulate broker can make a differences all what they want is your money and who knows what else they can do with your ids.. here is something I found during a deposited witch I plan to get my money back reporting to my credit card I got tired asking my money back with multiple emails... No matter if you call then or emails they tell you the same excuse over and over again in progress don't trust then ever if you guys want proved of my emails and credit card report I can upload and you can see it..


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