Account got hacked after winning 15k USD - GVF brokerage system


Ib account seems to got hacked by someone and traded for her account on 20/04/2012, USD 7000 was lost in that particular trade. Account amount of USD 15k was lost. Ib account burst immediately. Gvf claims not to be responsible on this issue and GVF itself is not taking any action on the issue. Master IB who is above all of the IBs is not taking action and helpig on this issue. They are not tracing ip address after requested.
Hey, I have the same problem here! This is definitely not a secure place to trade!! :mad: :mad:
GVF is a scam company!! They even have 30% LOCK DOWN for trader's account!! They are eating up the trader's money !! :mad:
If your account password was cracked by an outside source, you can't hold the broker responsible for the trades. What you can hold the broker responsible for is providing you with a complete list of IPs that accessed your account at different times. If they won't provide this, then the assumption should be that they likely inserted a fake trade when you were offline.
hacked??? ouch, atleast the broker should do something about since 15k is not small! but Im pretty sure that we traders are very cautious with our trading accounts especially IB's the only other person that might access the account is the the broker, and hackers usually take the money not trade it and lose it? smells fishy..
Please change your password and do not give others to access to your account, there are a few IB's who asked for my password but i didn't gave them, even they are friends or whoever .. the reason they ask to access to your account is that so that they can keep an eye on your trade. well i have given once, but now i changed my password .