Alpari UK Broker SCAM


As you see the picture I taken a screenshot of the Alpari Broker Platform that it burst my account with left of USD $5.

Here's how it goes, my trade was in and running on Monday and was floating till Tuesday but Alpari Broker keeps disconnecting from the platform. And I keeps retrying to connect to the Alpari Broker again, it Jammed my account purposely as you can see in the picture above that everything wents blank.

I cant even close my trade or enters another trade and I thought it was first my desktop problem but after rebooting and I login again, the platform is still Hanged as empty as before. So I once tried to reboot once again and realise that the problem doesn't lies with me but was Alpari Broker.

Until now, the issue have not resolve cause I have try loggin into my other forex broker account and it works fine. After that, I updated my virus scanner and did a full-scan and scan the pc with no errors or virus found.

So I'm pretty sure that Alpari Broker did this purposely inorder to wins over your money. This is not the first time that I encounter scamming problems with this broker but it seems like they are out with all kinds of methods and ways to kill your profits and stop your winnings.

Look at another picture I screenshot in the email they replied earlier on.

Alpari Server and Platform are facing problems which they have just make changes to the server and often disconnect issues or manual entry of trade oftens gets rejected or requires to try multiple times to get my order enter and difference is already 10-20pip away.

As they mention their 24hrs helpdesk with no one picking up the call and Forex Market is so volatile and by the time they ask for our security details and information and check for errors of your account you will face situation like mine of bursting the account. So do take note if you are using Alpari Broker.

I would advise you to close your account with Alpari Broker and switch somewhere else as there are still many good brokers around.

That's my experience and advise ...

Peter I.

I'm trading with ALPARI UK since many years, I have 7 accounts there, each running 24/5 with various EAs and I never had a problem like the one you show above. That's bad luck - but no scam


I don't agree

I also don't agree with the original post, I know it's frustrating, but I must say, that if I was experiencing alot hanging and not been able to login, then I would have called Alpari.

I am sorry for your loss....


The recent changes in Alpari UK make alot of changes and non-UK citizen account are under Alpari US? And the disruption in the connection to their server suddenly prompt out alot of errors which I face in Alpari.

I have several other accounts in other brokers but I never face this errors in my years of trading. If my files in my pc is corupted or infected with virus, the 2011 virus scanner and anti-spyware will detect but no virus or spyware found.

My other trading accounts for FXDD, FXPRO, MB Trading, FXCM all doesn't have this issues.

Even now I login, my account is still corupted and as what they claim is not their fault as usual cause no brokers will ever claim their fault. Just have to say that "I'm The Chosen One" to face the first issue like this.

Just have to warn others using Alpari Broker cause who knows who might be next person to face SCAM like this? Trade that is impossible to close and it keeps going until it burst my account.

Calling them is a pain, have to wait for them to pickup and email was like a prank ... took them so long to reply.

So my trade was like "HERO TO ZERO" .... WTF ~

I will say "NO MORE ALPARI FOR ME" ...