Atwood and James

Jonathon Gurney

I dealt with Atwood and James. I asked for 50% of my put options to be sold, the currency then fell. Thinking that I had a lucky escape only selling half the options I checked that I had covered my initial capital outlay only to find that A&J had sold ALL my options. I was offered $1000 compensation for their incompetence (not what I would have made had they kept the puts) which I took. Now A&J are refusing to return the money in my trading account (less than $1000) as they say that they were generous and paid me more than I was owed with the $1000.

A&J refuse to communicate apart from on the telephone so there is no paper trail. I however always communicate with them via email cc'ing myself to create a record of the dialogue. Their website shows the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street, but they operate out of Rio de Janeiro.

Steer well clear of Atwood and James.


If you are trading on phone then it is not good. Trading on phone is good if the broker is reliable and any concerned person is setting with that broker or you know that the broker is good and will not fraud you. But the real way of trading is that seat and trade your self. Go to the broker and put and tell the operator to trade in front of you.