Banc de Binary Theft

I was encouraged to deposit more money into my trading account on 10/09 by my senior broker(JIM ANDERSON) . I advised my broker that I would not be able to do this as my bank account was low on funds and to give me some time to move funds around and that I will contact him once I am able to do this. Immediately after hanging up from the conversation, My bank , BOA, contacted me to advise me some
withdraws were taking place and did I authorize, I advised them I have not and to stop the withdraws, my bank advised me that they could not, due to the fact that the charges were still pending in the system. I called immediately to Banc de Binary & spoke with Mr. Coby Harris and had him aware of the unauthorized charges.He advsied me that he would forward to his supervisor, Sarah. I waited and nothing happened, I called back with my Bank rep on 10/12 and spoke with Mr Harris again and was advised that they will have something for me soon and to give them until 10/15 Monday. I called back on 10/15 along with my bank rep and spoke with Mr. Matthew Borne a customer svc mgr and was advised still under investigation. I subsiquently advised Mr. Borne that by taking money from my account that was unauthorized, my account now was overdrawn and this supported my claim, he asked and I forwarded my bank account printout and overdrawn notification from my bank ( BOA) for records. I received a email on the 10/16 to advise me that Mr.Joseph Forman will be investigating my claim. I called again on 10/19 and was advised
that Mr. Joseph Forman is still working on it. I called on 10/22 and received no info, had my Bank rep called on my behalf and was advised the same ,no new info and that they were busy with other claims. I received a email from them this morning 10/24 advising me that my claim to have my $5000.00 returned to me was rejected and that the overwhelming reason was conversations I had with my broker.I never authorized my broker, Banc De Binary to take my $5000.00 and subsequently have incurred hundreds of dollars on wire fees, overdraft charges and having my account in negative from 10/09 to present which is causing a negative history on my account.


1. Get back in touch with BOA. Make sure to talk to someone in the fraud department. Explain that those charges were unauthorized and that you want to do a "charge back" on them.

2. The last I heard, Bank de Binary said they were registered with Cysec. That's not the world's most active regulator, but the one way to make 100% certain they won't do anything is to not complain. Go ahead and file a complaint here:

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

3. Banc de Binary claims to have an office in New York. That means that complaints to the CFTC, NFA, and can be next on your list.

4. If you are located outside the USA, ask your bank how to file internet-based financial fraud complaints in your country.

5. Banc de Binary appears to really be an Israeli company. Check out this thread...

Please keep this thread up to date and let everyone know how everything proceeds.

Banc de Binary representative
Dear Mr Mao,

I appreciate your concerns and apologize if your experience of trading to date has been less than satisfactory.
We of course take such claims extremely seriously and please be assured that I have looked carefully into this case. I have reviewed the original investigation of our compliance officer, Mr Forman, including the bank records, signed terms, and email correspondence with your broker.

In particular, please note an email from yourself to your broker, sent Wednesday Oct 10, 2012, which seems to indicate that you did willfully deposit $10,000. "Subject: now that i deposited 10K when will my training start????"

I understand that you are asking for half of this amount back and regret if anything on our part has caused you to have a change of heart about trading.

Moving forwards, please know that we would be delighted to work with you if you want trading assistance and signals. If you prefer to trade with a different broker, this is also possible. You can contact us at any time to arrange this, and please feel free to be in touch if you have any questions or issues I can help with.

Kind regards, Sophie (



Is BDB currently registered with Cysec, or has that not been approved yet?


Can you give a quick list of the dates and amounts of all charges against your credit card by Banc de Binary?